Dear Friends:

I’ve been working on three paintings for public television.  In my January 16 newsletter, I talked about working on a painting of a family of eagles for Iowa Public Television that will be released on March 3, along with the airing of their new documentary about me, and I’ll be there during the pledge breaks.  On March 5, there will be an airing of The Lady Behind the Brush on WHRO Public Television of Norfolk, Virginia, and I’ll also be there during the pledge breaks.  I’ve just completed a painting for them to release featuring a Chesapeake Bay deadrise and sailboats.  I am also working on a painting of Newman Lake, which is on the campus of James Madison University, for WVPT in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

My painting of a family of eagles for Iowa Public Television.

This painting of a Chesapeake Bay deadrise and sailboats is for WHRO in Norfolk, Virginia.

This painting of Newman Lake on the campus of James Madison University is for WVPT in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Public television provides excellent programs that are enriching, entertaining, and educational.  Don’t we all love Downton Abbey and Antiques Roadshow!  I’ve been supporting WVPT in Harrisonburg, Virginia, for 34 years (counting this year) with an annual print, and when Iowa Public Television and WHRO in Norfolk requested fundraising prints, I was more than happy to work with them, too, to keep public television going.  My mother, whom many of you remember as Gran Liz, used to send in donations to public television, even though I told her that I was already contributing in a major way.

Just in case you’ve been thinking that I haven’t been working since I arrived in Florida, here are some other paintings I’ve been working on:

This work-in-progress features Piedmont Park and will be released during my show with The Framery in Marietta, GA, March 16-17.

This painting of Col Alto in Lexington, VA, is for my March 22 show with Frame and Design in Lexington.

This painting of the Handley Library in Winchester, VA, is for my show with King James Galleries of Winchester on March 23.

This past Sunday, I went to Dick and Bonnie-Lou Binnig’s house for their annual Chinese New Year dinner.  It was such fun, with about fifteen neighbors and good friends present, including several members of the Moss Pelicans Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Binnig’s.

I am very excited by something we are working on for Society members.  I may be leaking this news a little ahead of time, but I can’t keep it to myself much longer.  In the next issue of the Sentinel, we are introducing a sterling silver P. Buckley Moss bead as a new member benefit.  The bead has been adapted by a master jeweler from a pair of my trademark Canada geese.  It is made entirely in the U.S. from .925 sterling silver and is designed to fit the bracelets and necklaces of the major, popular bead manufacturers.  This is not just any bead—it is truly a work of art, beautifully rendered in exquisite detail in miniature.

The bead will come as a benefit to members who join or renew at one of two new levels.  We will include more details about the new membership levels, including pricing, in the Sentinel.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of the bead, with the geese on one side and my “Moss” signature on the other.

I have wonderful news for collectors in West Virginia.  Necessary Things of Logan, West Virginia, was closed for a couple years after a fire damaged the building it was located in, and I’m delighted to announce that gallery owner Linda Hutchinson is up and running again at 207 Stratton Street, Logan, WV  25601; PH:  304-896-8792.  Welcome back, Linda!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


From our Cruise Coordinator Bonnie-Lou Binning:

“Please be certain to pack a pair of khaki or beige slacks, shorts, or skirt and a white blouse or shirt with your cruise wardrobe.  We will all dress in those colors for our group photograph (remember those awful robes?).”—Bonnie-Lou

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