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Hello Friends,

I am often asked "How long does it take you to do a painting?" My answer today is sixty-nine years. In less than three months I will be seventy years old and the total time taken will have moved up a year.

Let me explain. A painting is born of my experience of life. Creativity does not come like a bolt of lightening from the heavens. It is a combination of the ethereal and the worldly, of stored visions of light and shape and the ability to bring the visions to the canvas, an ability that comes with practice, practice, practice. It is the same for the musican, the singer and heart surgeon, whose five-hour operation really began when he first decided to go to medical school.

This week I have started a painting of Bancroft Hall at The Naval Academy. I have visited the academy in Annapolis many times. The first occasion must have been twenty years ago. In 1989, I painted a scene of the chapel but I was not ready to take on the challenge of Bancroft Hall, the pride of every graduating officer since 1906.

Naval Academy painting.
Bancroft Hall at the Naval Academy is the subject of Pat's latest project.

I knew this week I was at last ready to start the painting. Thoughts of our brave sailors facing danger for the sake of our own safety gave me the final boost of courage. Now you can see the birth of the image and, as with a new born baby, you can distinguish its features and imagine how it will look when it reaches maturity. I like its start in life.

The house is ready for the party.
Before the guests arrived.

This past week had two highlights of entertainment. On Friday Malcolm and I hosted our party in my home. I enjoyed the evening immensely and everyone has been most complimentary. Our house was decorated with glorious tropical plants of vivid colors, a gift to me from Dave and Linda Cerutti who had collected them from around their farm, Green Acres, a wonderworld of tropical splendor. Saturday I was worn out and slept most of the day.

Pat with her party guests.
"Sure felt good to be with all these handsome guys. On my right it my physician, Dr. Jose Anderson."

On Sunday evening, we were among the many guests at the wedding reception of Lorelei and Kenny, two of Bocas's best loved residents and owners of our local deli. It was a beachside party worthy of Hollywood.

Wedding Reception.
At the wedding reception. Dave Cerutti is seated on Pat's right. His wife Linda is absent from the photo.

Three more weeks and I will be heading back to Florida for the Girl Scout receptions and our gallery show and then on to Waynesboro, Virginia, for the Barn show.

Picnic in the Valley.
A Picnic in the Valley will be released at the April Barn Show.


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