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Dear Friends:

Last week I visited the Salvador Dali Museum here in St. Petersburg, Florida, and this week a group of docents from the museum and their friends visited me. They toured the Finn Gallery and also my home and studio. I had a full house, because the Board of Directors of the P. Buckley Moss Society were holding their winter meeting in my home at the same time. That worked out well, because the docents were able to talk to some of the Society Board members and learn more about the work of the Society and the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education.

It was my turn to give a tour! The docents of the Salvador Dali Museum and some of their friends visited the Finn Gallery and me.

Among the things the Society Board discussed was my upcoming Collectors' Convention that will be held April 4-5 at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa. The Society will be the sponsor of Saturday night's Dinner Dance, and the theme will be “Proud to be an American.” Patriotic dress is optional, but I'm looking forward to seeing lots of red, white, and blue! The Moss Country Friends Chapter of the Society and other Iowa chapters are putting together 100 Freedom Bags, which will contain donated gifts and P. Buckley Moss gift certificates and may be purchased for $20 each. One lucky bag will also contain a certificate for a framed, miniature original watercolor. We'll have a buffet dinner, music, and dancing; and, we'll also hold a raffle to benefit a local charity (more details to follow). Tickets for the dinner cost $45 and are available from the Society office (540-943-5678). Each Dinner Dance attendee will receive a complimentary black and white print valued at $45. I look forward to seeing lots of you there; it's shaping up to be tons of fun.

I took this picture of a Russian yacht docked in St. Petersburg Harbor with Board member Sally Gobrecht's camera. I took Sally and a few others to see the yacht. I've been told that it belongs to a Russian oil barren. You just never know what you might see in St. Pete!

Last month I visited Sunnyside Village in Sarasota, Florida. Sunnyside Village is a non-profit organization sponsored by Sarasota area Mennonite Churches to provide accommodations and services for active seniors, those in need of assisted living, and those requiring comprehensive nursing care alike. I was invited by their Arts and Academy Committee to be their guest speaker. A couple weeks ago I was very honored when Sunnyside Village's Assistant Activity Director Nancy Seibert brought a group of residents to see the Finn Gallery and my studio.

I was very interested to learn that Nancy, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, is a singer/songwriter/recording artist. She's been writing music since she was twelve years old, and on February 10 of this year she had two original songs on the Grammy Award winning music CD by Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra entitled Come Share the Wine. Nancy's songs, written with her collaborators from New York City (Mechem & Viglietta), are Dancin' with Rosie and Not Supposed To. Sturr also included one of Nancy's songs entitled Give Me a Kiss on his Grammy Award winning CD last year. Nancy and I have much in common in that I paint every day and Nancy writes a song a day. Nancy said of my studio, “Your studio reminds me of my music studio, with all sorts of original works in various stages of development. What a joy it is to create and have others relate and react to the final product.”

Songwriter Nancy Seibert and I compared artistic notes in my studio.

This weekend I'll be hosting a meeting of my dealers, and I'm looking forward to seeing them and members of my staff. Time has been flying by and I can hardly believe I've been in Florida and away from my staff for two months. It'll be fun to catch up with everyone. Even though I speak to them almost every day by phone, it just isn't the same as in person.


The cat with the health-conscious message below was inspired by my friend Bob Bush who passed away last summer. Bob fought cancer for a very long time with humor, dignity, and courage. Bob's wife Sylvia sent me a photo of him wearing a hat with the slogan “Cancer Sucks” on one side and “Smoking Kills” on the other. He wore the hat everywhere with a devilish grin on his face. He wanted us all to get the message that he got too late. We miss Bob!

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