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Dear Friends:

I spent a busy, fun weekend with the P. Buckley Moss Society's Board of Directors, who were meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. I invited them all to dinner at my house Friday evening. I think there were about 24 people in all, but my house in St. Petersburg is perfect for large gatherings. In fact, this coming weekend I'll be hosting a convention for my dealers. Representatives from the galleries and frame shops that are authorized to carry my work will come for an informal idea-and-information-sharing weekend.

Pat gets a helping hand from Jean Smith this weekend in Pat's St. Petersburg, FL kitchen.

The Society is planning its 20th anniversary celebration for 2007. One of the events discussed at last weekend's meeting was a special book auction, which will be held at my Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia. The idea is to ask famous people to donate copies of their favorite books, which they will have autographed themselves. It sounds like fun and should generate a lot of interest.

The Society Board gathers at Pat's house. From the left: Art Smith (President), Thom Smith (no relation to Art, Treasurer), Marlyn DeWaard (Vice President Publications), Hannes Meyers, Jr. (Executive Vice President), Sally Ann Gobrecht (Secretary), Pat, Ginger Cloonan (seated, Dealer Representative), Judy Roe (Director), Mary Lou McMillin (Director), Jake Henderson (Artist's Representative), Jean Evenson (Director), The Reverend Harold Henning (Ex-Officio Director), and Lance Allen (Office Administrator).

It seems like it was just yesterday that the Society was formed instead of nineteen years ago. I have wonderful memories and wonderful friends. One such person is June Simmons, who passed away on Valentine's Day at the age of eighty. June was one of the charter members of the Moss in the Valley Chapter in the Roanoke area, and she was a lovely person. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

I'm excited to announce that we'll definitely have a Collectors' Convention in Williamsburg, Virginia, this year! It will be held September 22-23 at the Holiday Inn Patriot. Colonial Williamsburg is an amazing place, truly an historic treasure, and I look forward to seeing many of you there. The Society will host the Saturday night dinner dance, and plans are underway for another Jimmy Buffett theme. The Society's Jimmy Buffett Dinner Dances have been very popular, and I know everyone who comes will have a great time.

What a treat I had Monday night! I got a phone call from my friends Bob and Evelyn Loughnane to let me know that my mother's dear friend Father Turi from Pennsylvania was visiting them, and they invited me to come over for dinner. They didn't tell Father Turi that I was coming, and was he surprised! We had a wonderful evening reminiscing and telling jokes.

While I was having a beautiful weekend, my daughter Mary was not. She had taken her children and some friends to our family condo at the Wintergreen ski resort in Virginia. She was on a ski lift when one of the kids called on her walkie-talkie to tell her that the condo was on fire! Thank goodness it wasn't really on fire, but it did fill up with smoke. The flue on the fireplace had been accidentally shut. A neighbor called the fire department, and when Mary arrived at the condo there was a fire truck and a couple ambulances. Not knowing that it was just smoke, Mary got quite a scare, not to mention having to clean up a considerable mess.

What a mess! But thankfully nothing worse than that.

When the firemen allowed her to go inside, they commented on how many Moss paintings there were. Mary did enjoy their reaction when she told them that I'm her mother and the condo is mine. Thank you, Wintergreen Fire Department, for your speedy response and thoroughness!

Mary makes friends with firefighters from the Wintergreen Fire Department.

That's all for now. I have to get ready for this weekend's Dealers' Meeting.


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