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Hello again from Panama,

I am coming to the end of my long painting session that started in the first part of December and will end in less than two weeks when I head back to Florida and then Virginia. This past week went well. I am showing you another photo of the Naval Academy painting so those of you who are interested can follow its progress. I hope to have the painting finished before leaving.

Naval Academy painting.
The Naval Academy painting progresses.

Last week’s digression took me to the Summer Bible School program of the Methodist Church. I showed the children how I draw using felt pens. As I drew, I spoke of how I was a slow learner at school and had trouble with reading. I told them that everyone has a God-given talent, something that they do better than most others, and that they should practice whatever their talent is and become really good at it. Amongst them was a girl called Nafili who had a wonderful smile and I did a portrait of her. The children watched spellbound as Nafili’s image appeared before their eyes.

Drawing Nafili at Bible School.
Nafili's smile won my heart and I chose her as my model.

On Sunday I prepared a picnic lunch for a small group of friends who joined us at the farm. I served deviled eggs and chili and Linda and Dave came over from Green Acres, bringing brownies made from their home grown chocolate. We meant to snorkel in the afternoon but the conversation kept going until it was time to head for home.

Relaxing on the porch with friends.
Picnic on the farm porch.

Until next week take care.


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