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Hello Friends,

I am into the last week of this three month stay in Panama. As always I wish there were two more weeks so I could get further ahead on my painting schedule but, on the other hand, I am ready to return to Florida and Virginia and to my children and grandchildren.

Pat's Naval Academy painting progresses.

I have had a wonderful week of work. The Naval Academy painting, that now has the title Bancroft Hall – USNA, has come along well, much to my relief. What you see today is getting close to the final image. However this week I decided to place a color guard in the foreground. I am now studying photo references of the Academy color guards and before the end of this week I hope to have included a guard and put the final touches to the architecture. This has been an exciting challenge and, as I come into the home stretch, I feel confident of finishing well.

At the coronation of the Carnaval Queen. To my left is the Commandant of the Bomberos.

This week saw the start of the Mardi Gras celebrations. On Friday evening I was the guest of the Commandant of the Bomberos, at the crowning of the Carnival Queen. The Bomberos are the local fire department for which Malcolm and I have helped raise funds. Firemen have been dear to my heart since I was a little girl. My Uncle Dan served many years as a fireman on Staten Island and for as long as I can remember, I have felt love for the men and women of our fire departments.

Waiting for the first parade to begin.

Virginia (in the yellow and known to many of you from Conventions) in Carnival mood.

On Saturday I joined the start of the first of the Carnival Parades, marching along side the Bombero band.

My next newsletter will come to you from St. Petersburg, Florida, where I will host an event for the Girl Scouts and a weekend show for collectors of my art.



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