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Dear Friends:
It finally snowed in Mathews, Virginia!  This has been a particularly snowy winter, but not in Mathews, where it’s been cold but no snow other than flurries until this week.

My daughter Patty’s friend Mary Morgan took this picture of my house Monday with her cell phone.  In Mathews, even a couple inches is a big deal.

In contrast, the flowers are blooming here in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I find beauty in all seasons, and I love the snow and the flowers equally.  I have to confess, though, that the warmer winters in Florida suit me better than the freezing temperatures further north.

The flowers around my home in St. Petersburg, FL, are blooming.

The P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, is happy to announce that it had its first 20th Anniversary Monthly Mystery Winner!  For more information about the Museum’s 20th Anniversary Monthly Mystery Winner Program, please refer to my February 11, 2009, newsletter.

The Museum’s first-ever 20th Anniversary Monthly Mystery Winner (for February) is Helen Wise of Fort Defiance, Virginia.  She’s pictured above with the Museum’s Director Corrado Gabellieri, receiving her $50 gift certificate to the Museum’s gift shop.

I’ve been staying busy during my annual winter retreat to St. Petersburg.  In addition to painting, I’ve hosted a meeting of the Board of Directors of the P. Buckley Moss Society as well as The Moss Portfolio’s Dealers’ Meeting.  I’ve been the guest speaker at two Rotary Club meetings, along with Tim Finn, owner of the Finn Gallery.  I’ve also been taking lessons on how to use the computer from Marlyn De Waard, the Society’s Vice President-Publications.  She’s the editor of the Society’s quarterly newsletter The Sentinel.

Marlyn is just the kind of teacher I need.  She really keeps my nose to the grindstone and doesn’t let me quit.

Sunday night I enjoyed a Chris Botti concert with the Boston Symphony Orchestra that was aired on public television.  Chris Botti is a famous trumpet player.  Other featured artists included singer Katharine McPhee, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and Sting.  I think my favorite was Lucia Micarelli, who played the viola with such feeling.  Her playing was lovely, and I was so jealous.  How I wish I could play like that!  The concert was held at Symphony Hall in Boston, and it was absolutely great, with a wonderful variety.  It was incredibly uplifting and made me feel so good.
As many of you know, I’m a fan and a supporter of public television.  Public television’s programming is fantastic and is geared toward children’s education and the arts.  Each year for almost thirty years, I’ve created and donated a special print edition to WVPT, Harrisonburg, Virginia’s, public television station.  The proceeds from the sale of the prints (over $1 million) have helped the station provide culturally enriching adult and children’s programming.  Last year WVPT celebrated its 40th anniversary and my 75th birthday together with a live broadcast and airing of its documentary about my life and my art, P. Buckley Moss:  The Lady Behind the Brush.

Spring Awakening is this year’s special print for WVPT in Harrisonburg, VA.  For more information, please contact WVPT at 540-434-5391.

The Finn Gallery has lots of interesting visitors, and I enjoy meeting them.  Last week I met five delightful sisters who live in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  One of the sisters winters in Florida, and the other four were down for a visit.  They were going back home this week and said they were dreading returning to the snow and the cold.  Have faith, ladies!  Spring is just around the corner.

I so much enjoyed meeting these five sisters at the Finn Gallery that I took them to my house and gave them a tour.

Another visitor to the Finn Gallery was a man whose partner I met on a plane over twenty years ago.  He was an ophthalmologist, and we had a wonderful talk during our flight.  I ended up donating a piece of my art to help raise money for vision needs.  It’s truly a small world.  As we talked in the gallery, the memory of the plane ride and the ophthalmologist came flooding back to me.  I admired his ponytail!

I’m very much looking forward to my show with the Finn Gallery.  It will be held March 13-15, and Tim and I will be releasing a new giclée edition during the show.  The original painting for this edition has hung in my living room in St. Petersburg, and I took it down to be printed for Tim’s show.

High Tide will be available as both a giclée on paper and a giclée on canvas in a variety of sizes and priced from $100 to $2,500.  For more information, please contact Tim Finn at 727-894-2899.

This week I’m off to Leesburg, Virginia, for a show with my good friends at Medlin Art, Ltd.  Gallery owner Shirley Medlin and I will release a new giclée on paper titled Loudoun Countryside.

This giclée on paper, titled Loudoun Countryside, will be released during my show at Medlin Art, Ltd., in Leesburg, VA, March 6-7.  It will retail at $85.00.   For more information, please contact the gallery at 703-771-8696.


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