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Dear Friends:
I can hardly believe it’s almost time for me to leave Florida, and my heart is breaking.  The weather has been perfect, and the quiet for painting has been wonderful.  The end of this month, I will return to my beloved Virginia in time for spring and flowers.  Spring in Virginia is most beautiful, with the flowers and figs in bloom and so many other things I look forward to seeing when it’s springtime in the Valley and on the Chesapeake Bay.  Isn’t spring beautiful everywhere!  It’s difficult to leave one home and go to another.  My heart breaks to leave one place, but when I get to the other I’m happy there, too, so the cycle starts again.
Next week I’ll host a benefit luncheon at my home here in St. Petersburg, Florida, for the Stuart Society, a group that raises funds for the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art, and next weekend I’ll be at the Finn Gallery for a show.  Gallery owner Tim Finn and I will release a special giclée titled On the Dock of the Bay.  The pelicans remind me of the Otis Redding song when I see them perched on the dock pilings on the other side of the park across from my house.

On the Dock of the Bay will be released at Finn Gallery’s show March 14-16.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 727-894-2899.

I am most honored to have been selected by The Library of Virginia as one of the honorees for its 2008 Virginia Women in History program.  March has been designated by Congress as National Women’s History Month; and, in conjunction The Library of Virginia annually honors eight women, past and present, who have made important contributions to Virginia and America.  I’ll attend the program on March 27 at The Library of Virginia, knowing that I accept the honor on behalf of the P. Buckley Moss Society, the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, and all who help make the lives of others better, particularly children.
On March 28-30, I’ll attend the 21st Annual Quilters’ Heritage Celebration, which will be held at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 27-30, 2008. I'll be the guest speaker at the luncheon on Saturday, March 29, and I'll talk about my quilting prints and the meaning of quilts in my art. The Moss Portfolio will have a booth at the convention, and my newest quilt prints will be for sale.  I’ll be at the booth from about mid-day Friday through Sunday, except when I’m giving my talk during Saturday’s luncheon, to sign prints and meet collectors.

Blanket of Faith, top, and Morning Star, below, will be released during the 21st Annual Quilters’ Heritage Celebration, which will be held at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, March 27-30, 2008.  I will be there March 28-30.

I had the most thrilling experience this past weekend when I was in the Atlanta, Georgia, area for shows with The Framery in Marietta and Mount Gallery in Tucker.  I was treated to a performance of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre Friday night.  The Fox Theatre is an amazing experience.  My escorts were Bill and Toni Jernigan, who made sure that I got to see the ladies’ rooms on each floor.  The whole building, including the ladies’ rooms, is unbelievable and beautifully done.

L. to R., Toni & Bill Jernigan and me in front of Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre.

The Fox was packed to the maximum occupancy, but after the first act I changed my seat to where I would have a better view.  (There was a big head in front of me.)  Years ago I had a ticket to see Baryshnikov dance.  It was to have been my “experience of a lifetime,” but something came up and I had to forfeit my ticket.  The Lord made it up to me with this opportunity.  The dancers had the most beautiful bodies and motion.  They were so graceful, like birds in the sky or fish in the ocean.  Their grace and beauty mesmerized me, as they did the whole audience.  No one coughed.  No one’s cell phone rang.  It was just incredible!
I want to send my friend Peggy Powell a special thanks for setting up the whole evening for me.  She had to have surgery the week before the gallery shows and wasn’t able to attend either the shows or the evening at The Fox, but she made sure that I had the time of my life.
I spent Saturday at The Framery in Marietta with owners Barry and Pam Watson and their wonderful friends, staff, and collectors.  Everyone there is so professional and at the same time warm, friendly, and cheerful.  They are a joy to be with!

Barry, Pam, and their staff put in long hours to get the gallery ready for the show, and The Framery’s collectors were not disappointed.  Wow!  What a selection!

Kim (l.) and Judy (r.) Pagel admire The Framery’s exceptional framing.

When I arrived in Atlanta I discovered that my suitcase had been damaged during the trip.  It wouldn’t roll anymore; and, when I mentioned how much I dreaded having to carry it on my return trip, Framery employee Beth Garrett came to my rescue with one of her suitcases.  She really saved my back!  Thanks, Beth!

L. to R., Carol Langford, me, and Mike Langford with a framed Sixes Mill, the special print for the weekend’s shows.

Sue Brissey, in the gorgeous black hat, and her daughter Joy picked me up from the airport when I arrived.  Sue and I have been friends for decades, and I have never seen her look less than stunning.

The Mossaphile Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society held two raffles, one at each show, to benefit the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  The Framery donated the framing for Spring in Savannah, and Mount Gallery donated the framing for Evening Sky.  Both prints were donated by the P. Buckley Moss Society.  A total of approximately $2,000.00 was raised for the Foundation.  Thank you Mossaphile, The Framery, Mount Gallery, and all who participated!

Here I am with David Cylc (in the orange shirt), owner of Mount Gallery, and members of the Mossaphile Chapter at Mount’s new location.

I spent Sunday with Mount Gallery at its new location at 2725 D Mountain Industrial Road in Tucker.  Gallery owner David Cylc has a lovely new gallery, and he and his staff put in a lot of hours getting everything ready for the show.  His framing is exquisite, too.  Atlanta is blessed to have two gifted framers like Barry and David to take such good care of their framing needs.
A fun thing happened at Mount Gallery’s show.  Chris Jenkins, a thirty-year employee of the Coca-Cola Company brought one of my original paintings to the show for me to sign on the glass for her.  What’s neat is the story behind it.
Years ago I was in Atlanta for a show, and at one point during the show I took a break to see a female falcon that a collector had told me about.  The falcon was in the care of a bird rescuer, and it had the most glorious golden crown around its head.  When I returned to the show, I was so excited about the falcon that I just had to tell everyone about it and hardly paid any attention to a woman who said she was very interested in some of my originals.  She ended up telling me that she was interested in buying about ten of my originals, and I thought she couldn’t be serious.  She said her name was Jean Austin and asked if she could pay for them with a check.  I told her that she would be writing the check for a good sum and I didn’t know her.  How could I be sure her check was good?  She offered to show me some I.D.  In so many words I told her that her driver’s license wouldn’t prove that her check was good.  I just couldn’t imagine someone buying ten large originals at once!  Finally, she informed me that her husband was the Chairman of the Board of the Coca-Cola Company and the paintings were for the Coca-Cola Company’s collection.  Needless to say, I let her buy the paintings.
I was later invited to visit their home, which was magnificent, but I fear I put my foot in my mouth once again when they offered me a drink of Coke, which they had on tap in their kitchen.  I quickly refused, not thinking, and said, “No, I don’t drink that stuff, and I don’t let my kids drink it, either.  It rots your teeth.”  When I realized what I had said, I thought what must they think?!  Nowadays, I do drink it from time to time, because it settles my stomach.
Anyway, Chris Jenkins enjoyed my paintings at Coca-Cola so much that she ended up with several in her office.  As people who had a painting in their office retired, they would offer theirs to Chris to hang in hers, knowing how much she enjoyed them.  When it was Chris’ turn to retire, the Coca-Cola Company let her pick her favorite to take with her as a retirement gift.  That was the one she brought to me to sign.  Jean Austin told Chris the story years ago, and Chris told everyone at her retirement party.

Chris and her painting brought me so many wonderful memories of Atlanta.

I hope everyone will be able to visit their local Moss dealers and learn about the great ideas they picked up from our recent Dealers’ Meeting.  The galleries and frame shops that represent my art develop special relationships with their collectors, and all are part of my “extended Moss family.”
I’ve decided to answer one question every once in awhile.  If there is a question you really want answered and you don’t think we’ll get to meet in person, send it in and maybe you’ll get an answer.  Please send your questions to my assistant Tricia Miles at  Please remember that I won’t be able to answer every single one, so make it a good one!

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