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Dear Friends:

Wow! What a wonderful weekend I had in Iowa! Even my flight from Florida to Des Moines was fun. The nicest young cowboy sat next to me on the plane, and it was a joy getting to know him. I'm looking forward to meeting his parents one day, because they certainly did an outstanding job of raising him. Frank Addington, Jr., and I were both going to Des Moines for shows. Frank does archery and was putting on a seminar this past weekend. While I was signing prints and meeting collectors, Frank was splitting a baby aspirin in half with his bow and arrow. His eyes are far better than mine!

Talented Artists and Travel Companions, Pat and Frank Addington, Jr. met on the plane to Des Moines, IA. Frank took up archery at the age of four and is the first archer to hit a baby asprin in mid air - from behind his back.

The shows at Kenneth Paul Gallery's two locations were outstanding. It was a pleasure to get to meet and spend time with so many friendly, smiling people. Everyone was in such a good mood it was infectious. I loved every minute of it!

A special treat for me was breakfast Saturday morning with members of the Central Iowa Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society. We laughed and joked, and it was so relaxing for me to have a chance to be "one of the girls." Thank you, Central Iowa Chapter!

Pat's Special Treat: Breakfast with the Central Iowa Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.

This weekend I'm off to West Virginia, and I'm excited to be showing again with Necessary Things and Kitten's Korner Gift Shoppe. I know Linda Hutchinson of Necessary Things and Kitten Burr and Ruth Miller of Kitten's Korner have been planning a very special weekend for everyone, and I can hardly wait! I'll be with Necessary Things at the Holiday Inn Express in Winfield on Saturday and with Kitten's Korner in White Sulphur Springs on Sunday.

Our First Mansion, to be released March 11th when Pat appears at Necessary Things.
For show information, call (304) 752-0163.

Ready for Worship will be released on March 12th during Pat's visit to Kitten's Korner.
For show information, call
(304) 536-9206.



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