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Dear Friends:

I’m very excited about this weekend’s show with the Finn Gallery and our special fundraising event that will be held Friday night for Big Cat Rescue.  We’re going to have an auction, and food and wine will be provided by The Moon Under Water.

Poised Felines, left, and Gaze of the Greater Cats, right, will be released as giclées on paper during Finn Gallery’s show.  Friday evening, March 11, there will be a fundraising event at the gallery to benefit Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL.  Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from each print sold will benefit Big Cat Rescue, which is a non-profit educational sanctuary devoted to rescuing and providing a permanent home for exotic cats that have been abused, abandoned, or otherwise exploited, as well as educating the public about the animals and the issues facing them in both captivity and the wild.  For more information, please contact Finn Gallery at 727-894-2899.

Our friends at The Moon Under Water will cater Friday evening’s fundraising event, and Chef Mike is one of the best!

My friend Mary Wyatt Allen and I had a private tour of Big Cat Rescue Wednesday afternoon, and I am so impressed with the work they do to both provide a permanent home for large, exotic cats that have been abused, abandoned, or otherwise exploited and educate the public about the animals and the issues facing them in both captivity and the wild.  The lions, tigers, and other cats are magnificent in their beauty, grace, and power, but I can see why people should never try to keep them as pets.  We heard heartbreaking stories about animals that had been raised from cubs but became too large and powerful for their owners to care for properly and had been abandoned or abused.  We also heard horrifying stories of owners who had been mauled or killed by animals that nature never intended to be house pets—some breeds can weigh over 1,000 pounds!  The work Big Cat Rescue does is very important, and I’m happy to be supporting them.

On tour at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL; L. to R.:  Me; Jeff Kremer, Director of Donor Appreciation for Big Cat Rescue; and my friend Mary Wyatt Allen.

It takes coming to Florida to see old, old friends.  Susan Joyce, who used to work for me in Falls Church, Virginia, came over for a few hours, and we had a good time catching up and reminiscing.  The O’Flarrety’s also stopped in with friends the other day.  I’ll be saying farewell this week to Ginger Cloonan, who is on the Society’s Advisory Council and has been staying with fellow Advisory Council member Marlyn De Waard.  Ginger will return home to Illinois, and I’ll miss her.  She came over to see me with Carol Megill of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is president of the Three Rivers Moss Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.  It has been such fun to see old friends and have them just pop in.

L. to R.:  Me, Ginger Cloonan (seated), Carol Megill, and Tim Finn at the Finn Gallery.

Last week I was reminded of how enriched St. Petersburg’s downtown area is with visual arts when a group of women from all over the country came to visit the Finn Gallery, the Chihuly Collection, the Salvador Dali Museum, and the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art.  It was such fun talking with them and sharing our mutual love of art.

St. Pete is for
art lovers!

My daughter Mary Donnelly is visiting her high school friend Cheryl Newman, who lives with her husband in Singapore.  They’re also going to visit Cambodia, Bangkok, Indonesia, and Bali together.  I’ve pulled a few fun pictures from Mary’s Facebook page to share.

Cheryl pretending to pull Mary in a rickshaw—these two could still be teenagers!

I never thought I’d see the day that Mary would hold a snake!

  “I can’t believe I flew for over 24 hours just to see Universal Studios again!”

Angkor Wat is an early 12th century temple complex in Angkor, Cambodia.

Dreaming, dreaming…I wish I were with Mary and experiencing all of this!

That’s all for now…’til next week.


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