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Dear Friends,

I returned from Panama on Monday to attend The Sun Coast Girl Scouts Women of Distinction luncheon held the following day in Tampa. That I was one of the five women to receive the distinction award was hugely meaningful to me and was the pinnacle of my lifetime association with the Scout movement.

Pat and Alma Powell.
Pat talking with Mrs Alma Powell.

I owe much to the positive influence of my active scouting years. It was through the examples and teaching of my scout leaders that I gained confidence and learned that, although I had difficulty learning at school, I had other strengths and abilities that would carry me safely through life.

Life’s course brought me success in art and that I have been able use my artistic talent to help raise funds for the scouts brings me much joy. The citation that accompanied my award speaks of my being a role model to the young. There is no greater compliment than that of being recognized as a positive role model. I know that I share this honor with many of you who read this letter and are linked to me through the common bond of my art. You share not only the images of the art but the ethics and standards it portrays and are equal role models.

The citation also praises the Society and the Foundation. In turn I thank you for your support of the both these organizations. Know that your generosity is well appreciated.

Scouting Friends.
Scouting Friends will be released at the Girl Scouts reception this evening.

Mrs. Alma Powell, the wife of our Secretary of State, gave the keynote address. She told of how her mother in 1940 in segregationist Alabama had started the first Girl Scouts troop for black girls and of her own life long commitment to the movement. She said that her message to girls in this troubled time is that it is natural to feel frightened but to have faith in the country’s leaders, to have faith in themselves and to believe in the future. She stated "Don't discount the lessons–have self-discipline. Know what you can do and what you can't."

Tonight I am hosting a reception in our St. Petersburg gallery for the Girl Scouts of the Suncoast Council. This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, I will be present at a showing at the gallery between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


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