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Dear Friends:

I’ve been enjoying a mini family reunion here in St. Petersburg, Florida, with my older sister Mary “Honey” Martin and her husband Bill and my younger brother Dan Buckley and his wife Carol. We’ve had a wonderful time reminiscing about our childhood and catching up on news of one another’s children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren!

Now: (from the left) Honey, Pat, Dan, Carol and Bill.

When we were children, Honey always got good grades in school, kept her side of the room we shared neat, and managed to stay out of trouble—at least she never got caught! I, on the other hand, was the exact opposite. Danny was the baby and the only boy and probably learned from my tomboy misadventures. Today, we enjoy one another and celebrate our differences and similarities. Family is very important!

And Then: Pat's mother, Gran Liz, stands behind (from the left) Honey, Dan and Pat.

In just two more weeks I’ll be back in Virginia. Although I love my time in Florida, I find myself missing family and friends in Virginia. I’ll be happy to go “home” and see everyone again, but not before I’ve spent some special time with my Florida friends at The Finn Gallery this weekend.

St. Mary Our Lady of Grace will be released during Pat's appearance at Finn Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL, March 16-18. For more information, call the gallery (727) 894-2899.

Remember to wear something green this Saturday. It’s St. Patrick’s Day! (I’m half Irish, remember!)


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