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Dear Friends,

I am sending this letter with a heavy heart because tomorrow our country may be at war. As you pray for those who suffer in this troubled world know that I am praying alongside you, not only for our own men, women and children but for all the peoples of this world for we are all of one kind with the same emotions and needs.

Pat with Ro-z Solomon.
Pat with Ro-Z Solomon, Junior Girl Scout.

I have devoted most of the past week to the Girl Scouts and doing so has given me much joy. There are many photographs from the awards luncheon and from the reception at the gallery and choosing which to share with you was hard but I am very happy with my choice. Junior Girl Scout Ro-Z Solomon is a shining example of the positive energy fostered by the Scouting movement. I deliberately use the word shining, because Ro-Z is a bright star of inspiration. Recipient of the highest junior award, the Bronze Star, amongst her many talents is the teaching of sign language with song. I am very happy that I got to meet this young girl.

The Snell Island Street Walkers.
Pat reunited with the Snell Island Street Walkers.

During my week in Florida, I got to walk several times with the Snell Island Street Walkers. Enduring friendships, such as these that began twenty years ago when Malcolm and I first purchased a house on Snell Island, are one of life’s great riches, second only to my children and grandchildren. Although life’s course has taken me away from Snell Island, whenever I return, I fit right back in, as though my absence has been but a week.

Bancroft Hall, USNA.
Pat's completed painting, Bancroft Hall - USNA.

In the last hours of my stay in St. Petersburg, my Annapolis Academy painting came to its conclusion. You will recall I wanted to add the Color Guard in the foreground but was searching for the perfect reference. The photograph I needed came from none other than Captain Howard W. Habermeyer, Commandant of Midshipmen, ret. He and his wife are a new residents of Snell Island and friends of my walking buddy, Joyce Wilson. Now Bancroft Hall, USNA is ready for printing. At this time when our Navy is being called upon to uphold our freedom, I am very thankful that good fortune brought me this last piece of information.

Members of the House.
The large convention print, The Members of the House.

This week I also added to my painting of the Virginia Capitol. I decided the painting need human interest, and exercising my allegorical rights as an artist, I added some Canada Geese and named the painting, The Members of the House. Canada Geese are a symbol of loyalty and trust and I respect them in the same way I respect my state lawmakers.

Again today I join your prayers for the safety of all peoples.


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