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Dear Friends:

We had wonderful weather this past weekend for The Finn Gallery’s show here in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was fun seeing so many of my friends, and I even made a few new ones.

The newly formed Moss Pelicans Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society gathered at Finn Gallery while Pat was there this past weekend. With fellow members of the Chapter are gallery owner Tim Finn (2nd from left) and Pat (6th from left).

After the show ended on Sunday, the Moss Pelicans Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society held their second meeting at the gallery. Their special guests were Hunter Hart and his mother Carolyn. The Chapter is going to sponsor Hunter as one of their 2007 projects and help him with an application to the Society for the Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship. The Harbison Scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school student with a certified language-related learning difference who is pursuing post-secondary education.

Pat with Hunter Hart and his mother Carolyn. The Moss Pelicans Chapter will sponsor Hunter in his application for the Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship granted through the P. Buckley Moss Society.

Hunter is really good with computers and wants to continue his education in computer program design. The Moss Pelicans would like to assist him in purchasing updated computer equipment and possibly in funding some of his post high school courses. The chapter members were teasing Hunter during the meeting that they’d help him if he would teach them how to use computers.

I’m so proud of the work of the Society at-large and the chapters. The Moss Pelicans’ sponsorship of Hunter is only one of many examples of the good work that chapters do every year. A big hug and thank-you to all of you!

Next week I’ll be writing from Virginia, when I’ll be in Waynesboro for WVPT’s annual Gala at my Museum on March 29. WVPT is the area’s public television station, which I’ve supported for many years with a special print edition for them to raise funds with. This year’s print is Off to School. On March 30 the Museum will host the unveiling ceremony for my special painting and print edition commemorating the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia. I’ll be able to show you a picture of the piece, titled Jamestown, Virginia, 1607-2007, the week following the event. I can hardly wait for you to see it!

Pat's painting Off to School, to be released as a special fundraising print for WVPT Public TV on March 29th.

That’s all for now. I have to go pack.


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