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Dear Friends,

I begin today by saying that I, along with all of you, pray for our men and women involved in the war, as well as for their families here in America. Our support of those fighting for the freedoms of others is complete and unwaivering.

When I got back to my house in Mathews, Virginia, I had been away for almost four months. On entering the house, I went straight to the sun porch. Although it’s construction had been close to completion when I left for Panama, there was still some painting and finishing to be done.

Pat and Nancy on the sun porch.
Pat relaxes on the completed sun porch with her friend, Nancy Hudgins.

My house is a fisherman’s cottage with additions to accommodate my studio. The porch had been an early addition but I had never closed it in to make a sun porch . Now I wish I had done so long ago. It is a glorious space of light and relaxation and when I take a break from my studio, I go there to read. This is where Malcolm and I will be taking most of our meals.

I gave a talk this week to The Friends of the Urbanna Library and had a most enjoyable evening. After following my usual talk about my own experiences as a child who had problems learning to read and with many other school subjects, I went on to tell about our Foundation’s annual conference for teachers.

Pat with teachers from Middlesex.
Pat visits with Linda Douglas, Doris Paige and Mia Swan of Middlesex Elementary School.

As regular readers of my letters will know, the annual conference is a highlight in my year. My energies and beliefs in the good of this world get fired up by what goes on during this weekend of inspirational sharing and instruction. My words were much appreciated, because amongst those listening to me were three teachers and all three seem set on being a part of this year's conference at the Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center on the campus of Sweet Briar College in Virginia on the weekend November 1-3. (Saturday-Monday).

Every year I want all teachers to know of our conference and the unique format of its teaching. Getting the word out is not easy and often our information gets stuck at some level above the classroom teacher. If you know of a teacher who might benefit from a weekend devoted to exploring the use of the arts in teaching please put them in touch with our Foundation at 540-932-1728 or have them call Tricia Miles, my personal secretary at 800-430-1320.

Later this week I am bound for the Valley of Virginia and the families of my daughters, Mary and Ginny. I can’t wait to get back amongst the grandchildren. I feel fully justified in taking time to play. This past week I completed a second Virginia convention print and so now I deserve a break.

Again, I join you in prayer for all who face danger at this sad time in the history of mankind.


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