Dear Friends:

Patty and I had a beautiful drive up from St. Petersburg, Florida, to Mathews, Virginia.  We spent the weekend in Marietta, Georgia, where it was a perfect spring, for my show with my friends at The Framery—what wonderful hosts!  The pollen was thicker than ever, but the flowers were glorious!

On Friday, we took a tour of the Georgia Aquarium, which was delightful!  What an amazing place!  My good friend Sue Brissey’s daughter Joy Llewallyn works there and gave us a fantastic tour that included some behind the scenes attractions.  Her love for the aquarium was obvious in the wonderful tour we were given, and we now share her love.  We hope to go again next year and maybe also see the High Museum of Art.  See how we plan ahead?

L. to R.:  my good, good, good friend and traveling companion Peggy Powell, who lives in the Atlanta area; my friend Sue Brissey’s daughter Joy, who gave us the grand tour of the Georgia Aquarium; me; my beautiful granddaughter Kate; and my daughter Patty, who got the job of carrying my purse.

L. to R.:  Joy, Patty, me, and Peggy.  Look at the incredible view behind us!

Pat Crawford, from Charlottesville, VA, and Florida was at the aquarium, too, and recognized Patty first and me second from our newsletters.  She stopped short and said to Patty, “Aren’t you Patty Moss?”  Then, she recognized me and said, “You’re Pat!”  It was such fun!

Kate and me, looking up.

You can really see how big these fish are with the children in the picture for perspective.  The children were so excited, and it was a treat to hear and see their enthusiasm.

It is a joy to show with The Framery, surrounded by so many friends and the Watson family, who also treat me like family.  It’s fun to walk in the gallery and see the collection of my things on the walls and in the windows.  Gallery owner Barry Watson’s framing is outstanding, and we “oo’d” and “ah’d” over some of his combinations.

Some dear old friends from my days of showing at Lenox Mall came to the show, and it was such fun to see them again after all these years.  One of them was just a baby when I first met her, and now she works for Delta Airlines.

During the show, I had the honor of pulling the winning tickets for the P. Buckley Moss Society’s Mossaphile Chapter’s raffle.  The Chapter received a Beauties in Blue print from the Society’s Charity Print Program, which was framed by The Framery, and Barry also donated a framed Be Mine print.  Joy Llewallyn was the lucky winner of the Beauties in Blue, and Linda Yelton won the Be Mine.  The raffle brought in $910, which will be donated to the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  The Chapter donated an additional $50 to the Foundation, and Dianne Hopkins of Cumming, Georgia, also donated $50.  (Last year, Dianne donated $50 to the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship, which is administered by the Foundation.)  A big thank-you, hug, and kiss on behalf of the Foundation to the Mossaphile Chapter, The Framery, Dianne, and all who supported the raffle!

Pulling raffle tickets is such fun!  L. to R.:  Mossaphile Chapter member Toni Jernigan, me, and our caterer Carolyn Yarbrough.

Patty and I have been the guests of Mel and Suzanne Abramovitz for the past several years, and they treat us like royalty.  We love them!  The first year we stayed with them, I brought my own espresso pot.  The next year, they had one.  This year, they had a wonderful machine that makes the best coffee.  I had to have one, so Mel and Patty went out and got one for me.  I’m going to use it while I’m here and take it to Florida with me when I go back.  I don’t think I can be without it!

Carolyn Yarbrough was our caterer again this year, and her food is fantastic!  She sent us away with food for our drive to Virginia; and, between her and Suzanne, we had enough that we didn’t have to stop for food along the way.

It’s wonderful showing with The Framery and being among family and friends!  Standing, L. to R.:  Mel & Suzanne Abramovitz, with whom Patty and I stayed; Carolyn Yarbrough, our caterer; Patty; gallery owners Pam & Barry Watson; me; and Peggy Powell, my good friend and member of the Mossaphile Chapter.
  Kneeling, L. to. R.:  Adam Watson, Emily Watson, Caroline Watson, and Beth Garrett.

This weekend Patty and I will head for Warrenton, Virginia, and my show with Framecraft on Saturday, where we’ll release my new print featuring Brentmoor, also known as The Spilman-Mosby House.  I’ll be showing at King James Galleries of Winchester on Sunday and will release Old Town Winchester Sleigh Ride, which features Winchester’s historic Court House and the F&M Bank.

Historic Charm, featuring Brentmoor, also known as The Spilman-Mosby House, will be released as a giclée on paper during my show with Framecraft in Warrenton, VA, on March 31.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 540-341-0001.

Old Town Winchester Sleigh Ride will be released as a giclée on paper during my show with King James Galleries of Winchester, VA, on April 1.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 540-869-9025.

I just got this picture from the Moss Country Friends Chapter in Kalona, Iowa.  Chapter member Pearl Yoder is making her fourth quilted wall hanging around one of my hand-painted centerpieces, and it will be auctioned during our Collectors’ Convention that will be held July 20-21 at the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa.  Proceeds from the quilt will benefit the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  The quilt will be on display at The Village Shoppe in Kalona prior to the Convention.  I love Pearl’s work, and I’m lucky to have been the high bidder on the second one she did for us.

This beautiful quilted wall hanging will be auctioned during our Collectors’ Convention this summer to benefit the Foundation.


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