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Dear Friends:

I’m delighted to be back at my home on the Chesapeake Bay, and when I arrived there was a new toy waiting for me. My daughter Patty bought an almost new Massey Ferguson tractor to cut our grass with. I’ve had fun trying it out and thinking about what I’d like to plant. Patty, in the meantime, has been keeping a sharp eye on me to make sure I don’t break my neck.

Pat tries out some new wheels: “I didn’t get my John Deere, but what a Ferguson!”

Last Thursday evening I attended WVPT’s annual fundraising gala at my Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia. WVPT is the area’s public television station, and they have wonderful programs, especially for children. I’ve supported them for many years with a special print edition for them to raise funds with. Thursday evening, we unveiled this year’s special print Off to School.

It was wonderful to see how cooperative the whole Valley is in supporting WVPT. Good Printers of Bridgewater printed the edition, South River Grill of Waynesboro provided refreshments for the gala, and numerous frame shops throughout the Valley are providing framing for WVPT’s art auction which will happen later this month.

The P. Buckley Moss Museum played host to the WVPT Gala: L to R, Bert Schmidt, WVPT’s President and General Manager; Pat; and Missy Blankenship, Friendship Industries’ Director of Sales and Marketing.

At last I can show you my special print Jamestown, Virginia, 1607-2007, which was unveiled at my Museum last Friday. The unveiling was sponsored by the Waynesboro Department of Tourism. We are so honored to be able to participate in the 400th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, which is really quite a milestone. Jamestown, as the first permanent English-speaking settlement in the New World, opened the door for the birth of our nation.

At the unveiling of Pat's painting in celebration of Jamestown's 400th anniversary : L to R, Senator Emmett Hanger; Bob Nichols, Jamestown Foundation and Jamestown Historic National Park; Pat; The Hon. Thomas W. Reynolds, Mayor of the City of Waynesboro; and Corrado Gabellieri, Director of the P. Buckley Moss Museum.

My painting features the three ships that brought the English settlers to Jamestown Island, the Godspeed, the Discovery, and the Susan Constant. I also included a majestic white bird in the sky above the ships, which I like to think of as “the spirit of the eagle,” guiding and protecting the ships as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean and symbolizing the great country that was to be.

When I think of the hardships the first settlers must have endured and the struggles and sacrifices their descendants made to ensure freedom for themselves and their families, I am truly grateful for this country and what it stands for. Freedom is not free, but comes with a very dear price. So, let’s be thankful for the men and women who defend us and our Constitution, and let us not take anything for granted.

I am very pleased to announce the name of the quilter for the wall hanging that will be auctioned this July in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as part of the P. Buckley Moss Society’s third 20th birthday celebration. Mary Martin (not my sister) of Glen Burnie, Maryland, and a member of the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter, has volunteered to do the honors. Thank you, Mary!

I am also excited about the Society’s 2008 group trip. We’ll be taking an eight-day river barge trip on the Ohio River October 16-23, 2008, which will begin and end in Cincinnati. This Rare on the River-Fall Foliage and Fillies excursion provides beautiful fall scenery through Kentucky’s horse country, and we’ll be making stops in Ohio and West Virginia as well. Let’s fill the boat with friends and have a great time!

Happy Easter!


Congratulations to Diana Klunk of Hanover, Pennsylvania, for her wonderful fighting spirit, positive attitude, and sense of humor as she battles breast cancer. Diana had a double mastectomy a couple months ago and just started chemotherapy. She has a wonderful support group of family, friends, and fellow members of the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter. When Diana’s hair started falling out, she asked her husband Ken to shave her head. He did and then asked her to shave his! Diana said, “So here we are, a couple of Easter Egg heads!” You can read Diana’s story at CaringBridge.

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