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Dear Friends:

I was very happy to spend last weekend among friends in Alexandria, Virginia, at Prince Royal Gallery’s show. John Byers and Marg Peterson were the perfect hosts, and it was a treat to be with them once more.

Pat mingled with collectors this past weekend at Prince Royal Gallery, Alexandria, VA.

This coming weekend I’ll be with Mike and Lisa Anne Milhorn at Up Against the Wall Gallery in Kingsport, Tennessee. Some of you may remember Kingsport from last year’s Collectors’ Convention that was held there.

The Story Teller Revisited, Pat's special show print to be released this coming weekend at Up Against the Wall Gallery, Kingsport, TN.

The weekend of April 16-17, I will be visiting two galleries in West Virginia. I’ll be at Kitten’s Korner in White Sulphur Springs on April 16 and at Necessary Things near Cross Lanes (call Necessary Things at 304-752-0542 for show location) on April 17.

Celebrating the Day, left, shows the International Mother's Day Shrine at St. Andrews Church in Grafton, WV, where Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908. This print will be released at Necessary Things, Cross Lanes, WV on April 17th. Almost Heaven, right, is a collage of West Virginia landmarks and symbols. This print will be released at Kitten's Korner, White Sulphur Springs, the day before, April 16th.

Last week I showed you a picture of my grandson Sean and me at Sea World. While my daughter Mary, Sean, and I were there, Sean’s sisters Kate and Sarah were with my daughter Patty (who lives in Colorado) skiing. I have to be a fair grandmother and show their picture, too.

Pat's daughter Patti with her nieces, Sarah and Kate, skiing in Colorado.

I have been deeply moved, watching the news and seeing the outpouring of respect for Pope John Paul II at his passing. He was a fine example to people of all faiths, living his life as he preached: that a man’s actions speak louder than his words. He showed tolerance for other religions, a lesson much needed in this time of terrorism and mistrust; tempered his doctrines with love and compassion; and called on the world’s leaders to foster peace. He showed immeasurable spiritual strength in spite of personal physical frailty and lived a life of service to others until the very end. Pope John Paul II will be greatly missed and long remembered. We pray for his successor and those who will choose him.

When the Pope visited Cortona, Italy in 1995,Pat's daughter Becky was there in the crowd to see him (and touch his arm). That's Becky, top left, under husband Roberto's camera.



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