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Hello Friends,

I am usually lucky and do not have to miss events because of sickness but not so this week. I came down with a virus on the eve of a dinner at which I was honorary chairperson.

Riverside School in Richmond, Virginia, was established in 1974 by Pat DeOrio. It is a private school for those who learn differently and I admire it not only for its excellence but also for its generosity with scholalrships that make it possible for less fortunate children to also attend. Pat DeOrio, like me, is learning different and though her own schooling was difficult she is highly capable and intelligent. She built this school poco a poca, as they say in Panama, and her determination and skill in convincing others to support her dreams have been an inspiration to me. I was very disappointed not to be there for Riverside's annual Royale.

The virus passed quickly but nevertheless I am glad I did not carry it to Richmond to pass on to others.

Pat, Ginny, John and Priscilla.
Pat, Ginny, John and four-legged friend Priscilla enjoy time together in Waynesboro.

At the start of the week, I welcomed son John back from Panama. He had been to Bocas to visit the many friends he made last year when he was chef at the Sunset Grill and proclaimed by most the best chef in town. Although many begged John to stay on in Panama and open his own restaurant, he is first going to explore the possibilities of acquiring a restaurant near Mathews. John is a gentle giant with a love of fishing that matches his love of cooking.

Priscilla, John's devoted canine friend of 14 years, is growing stiff and tiring quickly. I am afraid she will pass on soon. The happy times and the sad times of our children are always ours to share and as I think back on the past deaths of our children's pets, I feel again those twinges of concern. I guess it is all part of being a mother.

Our thoughts and prayers remain constantly with our soldiers and with the innocent who suffer in this war.


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