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Dear Friends:

Happy Easter and happy spring—and what a spring! The residents of Mathews, Virginia, looked out their windows Saturday morning to find two or three inches of heavy, wet snow. It was beautiful! With temperatures climbing into the 70’s and 80’s over the last couple weeks, no one was expecting the Easter surprise.

Pat's home in Mathews under a beautiful, white blanket.

Gusty winds and the weight of the snow brought down tree limbs and caused power outages throughout the county, including my neighborhood. I invited several friends over for dinner Saturday evening, and my son-in-law Corrado cooked the meat on the grill outside in the snow. With my daughter Ginny and her family over for Easter weekend, along with my daughter Patty and her friend Mary, I had a full house that became quite warm from all the body heat. Among my houseguests were three family dogs that helped keep us all entertained.

Easter Dinner: (Clockwise from top) Picco, Ginny, Pat, Corrado, Chiara, and Patty enjoyed Easter dinner at the Mathews Yacht Club Sunday. Not pictured is Mary, behind the camera.

Earlier in the day, my family and I had great fun decorating Easter eggs together. We blew the insides out of some of the eggs, and I put extra special touches on those. I’m going to take them with me to the P. Buckley Moss Society’s first birthday party in celebration of its twentieth anniversary, which will be held in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 28. My Easter eggs will be included with the items that will be auctioned that evening. Also among the items to be auctioned will be one of the quilted wall hangings I told you about a couple weeks ago.

Pat's Easter Eggs: Painted by Pat, these blown eggs will be offered at auction at the Society's birthday celebration in Iowa, April 28th. Make reservations for the dinner soon by calling the Society at (540) 943-5678 - membership in the Society is not required.

One of the really fun things we’ll have at the birthday party will be “birthday gift bags.” The bags will sell for $20 each and will contain at least $20 worth of merchandise, but one bag will have a coupon for the framed, miniature original watercolor pictured below (valued at $500)!

One lucky person will win this miniature P. Buckley Moss watercolor at the Society's birthday celebration in Iowa.

The live auction that will be held at the birthday party at the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, on June 15 will include another of the quilted wall hangings, one of my used paintbrushes that has been nicely framed with Pat’s Paint Brush as a background print, and a framed, remarqued Collecting Blooms.

One of Pat's used paintbrushes, imaginatively incorporated into one of Pat's prints (it is "held" by the boy and girl on the left) and framed for display. This item will also be up for auction at the second Society birthday bash in Virginia, June 15th. For tickets, contact the Society at (540) 943-5678.

This Collecting Blooms print has been remarqued by Pat (she added the little girl on the left) and will be auctioned in Virginia on June 15th. Proceeds from both birthday events will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities, P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, and the newly created P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship.

Like me, my Museum had a full house Saturday when it hosted its Fourth Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Waynesboro had snow, too, but that didn’t stop nearly 200 people from turning up to hunt for eggs, see the Easter Bunny, and hear stories. Bob Almond, Executive Director of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, donned the bunny suit and was much more comfortable in it this year. Last year, he practically melted because it was a very warm day. Foundation Program Coordinator Dell Philpott was the storyteller for the event. Special thanks to Bob and Dell for their contributions to the day’s fun, to Waynesboro’s local Girl Scout troop (led by Debbie Mears) for being the Easter Bunny’s special helpers for the fourth year in a row and helping to hide 1,000 Easter eggs, and to the wonderful staff of the Museum. The Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by the Foundation, and I’m very appreciative to everyone involved. It was a huge success!

A lively crowd turned out for the P. Buckley Moss Museum's Fourth Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

This weekend I’ll be showing with my old friends Les and Pat Martin at Martin’s Gallery in Hanover, Pennsylvania. We’ll debut Our Town Fountain, which features the Hanover Fountain that was located in Center Square in the late 1800’s. It was moved to Wirt Park, also in Hanover, around 1904 to make room for a Civil War monument. The fountain was later sold to the Kapok Tree Inn located in Clearwater, Florida, which has since closed. There has been talk of the Town of Hanover buying the fountain back, but no one seems to know where it is. If there’s anyone out there who knows the whereabouts of the fountain, please let me know. The building featured in the print behind the fountain was originally the office of the People’s Bank, later Dauphin Deposit. The ground floor now houses offices and the top floors are apartments.

Our Town Fountain will be released during Pat's visit to Martin's Gallery in Hanover, PA, April 13-14. For more information, call the gallery at (717) 632-3355.

In addition to Hanover’s town fountain, I’m looking for the woodworker who offered to fix the top to my writing desk a couple years ago. He took the top home with him, and I haven’t heard from him since. I’d be very grateful to have the top back, fixed or unfixed. If you’re out there, please contact me. I’ve lost your name and contact information!


Please join me in saying a prayer this week for Dick Mountjoy, whose wife Susan is a member of the Moss at Monticello Chapter of the Society. Dick is a beloved radio personality in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is undergoing his second cancer surgery this week. We all know someone who has battled this dreadful disease, so let’s join together and support him.

Please also join me in saying a prayer for the son of a former staff member and a good friend to us all. Josh was seriously wounded while serving in Iraq this week, and we who know his family are praying for his safe return home and for the safety of all our young men and women who are protecting our country.

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