Dear Friends:

The tulips and forsythia are gone, and the lilacs and redbuds are now blooming.  The male swan is in the creek behind my house in Mathews, Virginia, and we look forward to seeing his mate and babies soon.  Spring is beautiful!

My daughter Patty and I were in Frederick, Maryland, for the weekend, and it was beautiful there, too.  It was wonderful seeing the country blooming all the way up from Mathews to Frederick.  We drove up for my show with McGuire Fine Arts and stayed in “our room” at the lovely Hill House B&B again.

What a happy surprise it was to see my friend Missie Lewis again!  Missie is a past member of the P. Buckley Moss Society’s Board of Directors.  She came to the show on Saturday.  I hadn’t seen her in years, but she hasn’t changed a bit.  I was so excited to see her and all my other friends that I didn’t think to take pictures for the newsletter.  Patty did take a picture with her cell phone of Carol Conley and me together, though.  Carol is my biggest lamb collector and bought another lamb original during the show.

Carol Conley, left, loves lambs and collects my lamb images.  She brought me brownies and fresh eggs from her hens—yum!

While I was in Frederick, the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, hosted the Virginia Chapter of the World Organization of China Painters (WOCP) for its 2011 Exhibition and Convention:  Artistry on Porcelain.  I’ve been told that over 100 people attended the event and that the items on display were gorgeous.

Of particular interest was this intriguing vase owned by Rosemarie Tanner, organizer of the event and President of the Virginia Chapter of the WOCP.  The vase was made by Rosemarie’s mother in eastern Switzerland and painted during World War II, around 1942.  It took her a year to paint it in the Heraldic design, which is the same design that was used on coats of arms.  Their house at that time was starting to crumble on the outside, so Rosemarie’s mother took the vase to a furniture store which took it on consignment.  She used the money to fix the house.  Because of the war, nobody bought the vase, so at some point the store sent word to Rosemarie’s mother to come and get it—she didn’t have to pay to get it back!  Many years later, after Rosemarie had moved to the United States, her mother came to visit and brought the vase with her and gave it to Rosemarie.

Members of the Virginia Chapter of the WOCP at the P. Buckley Moss Museum last weekend, L. to R.:  Kathryn Godfrey, Joyce Taylor, and Chapter President Rosemarie Tanner.

Brenda Simmons, left, and Pat Carter, right, with the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education office, set up their Christmas in April display in the Museum’s gift shop in time for the China Painters’ weekend.  They decorated a Christmas tree with paper replicas of the Foundation’s special porcelain ornament that is based on my
Tree of Learning print.  You may “purchase” your ornament now for delivery in July.  This special ornament will retail for $42, and $21 from the sale of each ornament preordered before May 31 will be donated to the Foundation.

During the China Painters’ event last weekend, Foundation employees Pat and Brenda met a great group of ladies who get together every year for a reunion.  Here, they are posing in front of the Foundation's ornament tree.  Some of the ladies were teachers who were excited to learn about the Foundation and its mission and thought the new ornament was beautiful.

I just received the itinerary for the Society’s group tour to northern Italy this fall, and it sounds like a lot of fun.  I’m going to sign up for it in the next couple of weeks.



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