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Dear Friends:

This is my last week in Cortona, Italy, before returning to Virginia for the April 21-23 Barn Show and Museum Open House. I’m looking forward to seeing all my Virginia family and friends, but I must admit I’m going to miss Cortona and my daughter Becky and her family. I need to clone myself and be in two places at once!

Last week Becky, my friend Arlene Yaconelli, and I visited the hilltop town of San Gimignano, one of my daughter Ginny’s favorite towns. It is charming and has seven medieval towers left from the one hundred that were supposed to have been there in the Middle Ages. A youth choir from Canterbury, Canada, was performing in the main piazza while we were there. They were wonderful!

On Palm Sunday we attended a two-hour service at Becky’s church. The Bishop said the mass, and olive branches were handed out instead of palm fronds. Palm fronds are rare in Cortona, but olive trees are plentiful!

Pat admires the lone survivor of an ancient olive grove. This olive tree is hundreds of years old.

My granddaughters Sofia and Michela participated in a play in which they played the parts of Cleopatra’s helpers. The story was a little confusing and was supposed to be based on a game show throughout history. The children had to invent the story and characters and add music and dance numbers. We were all laughing by the end, and the actors and actresses got a standing ovation from all the parents and grandparents.

A lot of fun was had by all at Pat's granddaughters' play.

I was sorry to miss the Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt at my Museum this past Saturday. I’ve been told it was fantastic fun, in spite of not-so-perfect weather. Over eighty people came out to find 1,000 Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny has asked me to give a special thanks to Girl Scout Troop 470 and their Troop Leader Debbie Mears, along with Museum Director Corrado Gabellieri and his daughter (my granddaughter) Chiara, for helping to hide all the eggs. I would also like to thank Bob Almond and Dell Philpott with the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education for their participation and support, as well as Museum Administrator Bonnie Stump and Storyteller Susan Blanton.

Storyteller Susan Blanton provided the entertainment at the Museum's Third Annaul Easter Egg Hunt.

I’m delighted that the Museum, with the Foundation’s sponsorship, is able to hold programs like this. It gives me great joy to see the smiles on the children’s faces, even through pictures.

The Easter Bunny, aka Bob Almond, Executive Director of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation, was on hand to help the children search for Easter eggs.

Happy Easter this weekend, everyone! I’ll be writing to you from Mathews, Virginia, next week. Until then…


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