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Hello Friends,

I started this past week with some intensive painting time in my Mathews studio, begining each morning after my exerise walk with friend Nancy and lasting late into the evening. On the weekend Ginny, Pico and Chiara visited and John, who now has a home across the creek, cooked for us and took the young ones exploring in the boat. Malcolm was in Panama completing the last part of a four week Spanish language course.

Pat has started working on the June Barn Show print.

Chiara reminds me of my youth. Her imagination and inquisitiveness finds much to entertain her in the creeks and outbuildings on the Mathews property. She begged her mother to delay their return to Waynesboro and then, when she saw that the car was about to be loaded, she ran away. Eventually she was lured back and the family left. Later she called me from the car to apologize. I laughed because I recalled a similar instance when I was her age.

Pat's granddaughter Michela at school with her arm cast.

Two days ago I recieved a call from Becky in Cortona, Italy. It was 10:00 p.m. Italian time and she and Roberto had just reached home after five hours in the emergency room of the hospital with Michela, her youngest. Michela fell off the slide in the park and broke her arm. All is now well and Michela is a hero amongst her school friends. I am glad this did not happen when I was in charge of Sophie and Michela last November.

The Moss staff in Mathews, Virginia.

I am showing you a photo of our Mathews staff. I am very proud of this team. Ten years ago when we made the decision to move the business from Washington to Mathews, we were warned by the Washington folks we would never find as good a staff in rural Mathews, a county that still does not have a traffic light. How wrong those warnings proved to be. I am blessed with an outstanding staff whose dedication and loyalty is a most valuable asset to my business. Many of you have at one time or another spoken or corresponded with Tricia, my personal assistant. In the photo, Tricia is seated on my left. Her task of keeping me organized is formidable. Like many other dyslexics, organization is yet another of my shortcomings.

On Friday evening I will be meeting Malcolm from his plane and we will be heading for Waynesboro for the Easter Weekend and the preparations for the Barn and Musuem Open House on the following weekend.


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