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Dear Friends:

Virginia Tech President Charles Steger said it well, that Tech is a huge family with members all across the country as well as in Virginia; and, this week that family mourns. I grieve with them. As a mother and a grandmother, I empathize with the families who have lost their children and loved ones in this senseless waste of life, and I feel very sorry for the family of the troubled young man responsible. It is my hope that future media coverage of this tragedy will be reported with respect and compassion for the entire Tech family.

I want to do something special to help with the healing process, and when the details have been worked out I’ll let you know.

In sharp contrast to this week’s sad news from Blacksburg, Virginia, the weekend’s show with Martin’s Gallery in Hanover, Pennsylvania, was truly a happy event. Les and Pat Martin and their boys are wonderful friends to have, and they have fantastic friends who are a joy to be with, even to their dog Mattie. Members of the Lake Marburg Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society pitched in to help with the show, and breakfast with them Saturday morning was a fun, special time. My daughter Patty and I have many thank-you’s to say to many people.

Here are some pictures from the show to help tell the story:

Friends always—this is some of the group who always come to help at every Martin’s show. It’s such a joy to be there among friends.

Larry Hamm always brings me the most gorgeous flowers!

Isn’t she beautiful! Lake Marburg member Diana Klunk is undergoing chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. Her sense of humor and fighting spirit are an inspiration to us all.

Another fighter, Debbie Dauberman and her husband Claude. Debbie is receiving radiation treatments for breast cancer.

Can you believe I forgot to sign this quilt square before I shipped it off to the quilter? The square will be the centerpiece for the wall hanging that will be auctioned at the Society’s third birthday party in Lancaster, PA, in July in conjunction with my Collectors’ Convention. Mary Martin of Glen Burnie, MD, who volunteered to quilt the wall hanging, brought my square to me for my finishing touch.

Faithful Chip Gerhart and his wife Amy turned up again! They come to everything, Barn Shows, Conventions, and even my Jamestown print unveiling. I was happy to see their familiar, friendly faces.

Wednesday evening I’ll attend the unveiling of my print The Wayne Theatre at my Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia. The Theatre was built in 1926 and was an important part of Waynesboro’s downtown. It closed in 1999, but the Wayne Theatre Alliance is working to restore it to its former glory. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print edition will be given to the Wayne Theatre Alliance.

The Wayne Theatre will be released at The Museum Open House and Barn Show in Waynesboro, VA, April 20-22. For more information, call (800) 343-8643.

This weekend I’ll host my Museum Open House and Barn Show in Waynesboro, and I’m looking forward to seeing friends old and new. I’ve created a special print edition for the occasion, Springtime at Meems, which features one of my favorite subjects. The Meems Bottom Bridge was named after the Meem family that owned the Strathmore estate west of the Shenandoah River. It is the longest remaining covered bridge in Virginia.

Springtime at Meems is also for release while Pat is signing at The Museum and Barn.

’Til next week…


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