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Dear Friends,

West Virginia is so lovely this time of year! Everything is blooming and just beautiful! The people are wonderful, too. I met so many nice folks at Kitten’s Korner and Necessary Things’ shows this past weekend.

Pat meets budding artist Patty Ozzario Mosso, a third grade student from White Sulphur Springs Elementary School and winner of Kitten's Korner's coloring contest. Pictured with the two Pats is Jeff Davis, Patty's art instructor at the elementary school.

Haley Burns, aspiring singer, opened the show with a song for Pat. Haley is a student at White Sulphur Springs Elementary School.

My daughter Ginny went with me and was a tremendous help. She drove the whole trip and even manned “the line” at Necessary Things’ show on Sunday. The crowd was so big that there was a two hour wait for me to sign.

To handle the crowds, Necessary Things held their show at a local hotel. It was a good thing they did, as the gallery would not have been able to handle the turn out that day.

The Friday night before Kitten’s Korner’s show in White Sulphur Springs, Ginny and I spent the night at the James Wylie House Bed and Breakfast. Monica Foos, the owner of the B & B is a quilter and will give quilting classes to guests if they call ahead. Guests can enjoy a fantastic breakfast and then have fun quilting.

Monica Foos (left) owner of James Wylie House Bed & Breakfast where Pat stayed while showing in White Sulphur Springs. Also with Pat is Kitten Burr, owner of Kitten's Korner gallery.

Breakfast Saturday morning was incredible! The food was excellent, and the company was great. There were six other women staying there who were attending a Garden Club Conference at The Greenbrier. We found lots to talk about, so breakfast was a real “gabfest.”

Pat with her new friends at James Wylie House B&B.

Last Thursday I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for an addition being built for Riverside School in Richmond, VA, as Honorary Chair of the school’s Campaign Committee. Riverside School is a private school for learning different children in grades 1-8. The school’s founder, Patricia DeOrio, shares my learning difference of dyslexia and started out tutoring learning different children in the basement of her home. The school is also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! We need more of these special places where children can feel successful. God bless Pat DeOrio for her energy and the love she put into this school!

Pat, as Honorary Chair of the Campaign Committee for Riverside School, talks to the crowd at the groundbreaking ceremony at the school in Richmond, Virginia. Riverside School caters to children in grades 1-8 who are learning different.

Before the groundbreaking ceremony, there was a brunch where I really got to know the people on the school’s board of directors a little bit and share in their experiences. Bob Almond, Director of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, was also there to share all the joy of the school and enlarging it for the children. I was very happy to see Floyd Boothe there, too. Floyd is a long-time Society member and volunteer mentor with the ACT (Adults and Children Together) Program. He works with children in the public school system on the other side of Richmond to support them in their learning efforts. He's a real one-man force!

A few weeks ago my granddaughter Chiara and her TAG (talented and gifted) Class from Ladd Elementary School in Waynesboro visited my Museum and participated in a program sponsored by the Foundation. Chiara’s mother Ginny and Dell Philpott from the Foundation office gave the students a workshop that taught them about printmaking. They used linoleum blocks into which they carved designs and then inked them to pull their prints. Before their workshop began, Museum Administrator Bonnie Stump gave them a tour and explained how I do a similar process with my etchings, using essentially the same basic technique but with different materials and tools. This was all quite fun for Chiara, because instead of “bring-your-parents-to-school day” she brought the students to her parents!

Ginny, standing in pink in the backgroud, and Dell Philpott, standing in blue in the middlegorund, lead students from the Ladd Elementary School in a printmaking workshop at the Museum.

Across the Atlantic in Cortona, Italy, my granddaughter Sofia became a Scout this past weekend. In Italy the Scouts are co-ed but affiliated with the Church, so no hanky panky! Sofia and her troop were sworn in at a Romanesque church that is part of the Abbey in Farneta, one of the small towns in the valley near Cortona. She is a “Lupetto,” or wolf, Cub.

Sofia, seated in middle of second row, became a Scout (a "Lupetto") in Cortona, Italy this past weekend.

This coming weekend I’ll be in Waynesboro for my April Barn Show. I hope to see lots of you there!

The following weekend I’ll be in Frederick, Maryland, for a show with Thames Fine Art and Framing. Please call Molly or Jon at 301-663-0707 for the details.

Apple Blossom Picnic is the show print for Thames Fine Art and Framing, where Pat will be visiting April 29-30.

I’m really enjoying getting to see spring all around our lovely East Coast and meeting everybody.
Remember that this Friday is Earth Day, so be kind to Mother Earth—plant a flower or a tree!

‘Til next week…


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