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Hello Friends,

This is a short newsletter because I have been engrossed in painting for the nursery rhymes and have left my packing for flying North until the last minute. Sorry about that, those of you who like to have me rambling on. I will do better next week when I will be telling you about the Barn show and the preparations for our convention in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Pat's newest nursery rhyme painting, Hey Diddle Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle.

I am illustrating my painting for Hey Diddle, Diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle. I am having an enormous amount of fun as I think you can see. This is a form of storytelling. Instead of reading the story, I am painting it and the advantage I have over the one who is reading the rhyme is that I am free to use my imagination to interpret the words into the images. Hey Diddle, Diddle has stimulated my imagination for almost seventy years. Now at last I am showing you how I have seen this fantasy enacted. The smile on my face is as large as the smile on the face of the dog.

This past weekend there was a wonderful art show in the park near the house. The St. Petersburg Art Fest has very generous prize money and attracts top artists from around the country. I was thrilled to find the sculptor, G. E. Olsen exhibiting and fell in love with his grouper carved out of pink marble. I have several of his sculptures that I purchased many years ago in the days when I exhibited each year at New York's Art Expo.

Pat with G. E. Olsen of Jupiter, Florida and Grumpy Grouper, sculpted of pink Persian travertine marble.

In my recent letters and in Malcolm's reports from Panama, you have heard about the Museum's and the Society's education activities. If you have something similar to share with the fourteen thousand to whom this letter goes, please write to me and maybe I will make it an add on to one of my letters.

Back to packing. The worst part of my nomadic life. The next letter will come from the Barn where I look forward to seeing the green touch of spring grace my beautiful valley. Looking forward to seeing those of you who will be with me this coming weekend.


From Malcolm in Panama:

Mary had a little lamb, whose fleece was white as snow.

With Pat focusing on nursery rhymes this seems appropriate.

A week ago I was walking in the evening from my house to the house of Andres, the farm manager. It was almost dark when I noticed a something white at the base of a banana plant. Investigating, I found a white lamb that had been born that morning. The mother had produced two lambs, one black and tan and this one which is totally white.

I picked up the lamb and went in search of her mother. When I placed her close to the mother, the mother immediately moved away, with the black and tan baby following her. It seems she was embarrassed by this white child in a flock of sheep that are all black and tan.

I took the baby to Kasilda, the wife of Andres. Since then Kasilda has filled the mother's role, feeding the baby from a bottle. Now everywhere Kasilda goes, the babe also goes. Perhaps Mary's lamb had been rejected by her mother.


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