Dear Friends:

What a joy it is to sit at my kitchen window and watch the osprey and other birds build their nests.  The female swan and her babies still haven’t arrived, but all the other birds are back; the cardinals, the bluebirds, and the kingfishers.  Because Mathews doesn’t do spraying (for mosquitoes), there are birds everywhere.

The kids (my daughter Patty and her friend Mary) are getting their boats ready to go out fishing, and they have me back on the mower.

Saturday’s tornadoes spared us but came within twenty miles or less of both Mathews and Waynesboro.  We will be happy when this month is over—the month of storms—but, as the song says, it brings the flowers that bloom in May.

I’ll be spending Easter with my family this weekend, but I’m looking forward to spending the following weekend with my extended family when I’m in Waynesboro, Virginia, for the P. Buckley Moss Museum’s Open House and Barn Show, April 29-May 1.  I’ll start the weekend by jurying the opening of the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Visual Arts Department’s annual exhibit with my daughter Ginny Moss (Gabellieri) the evening of Thursday, April 28.  The show will be held at the Museum from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., and everyone is invited to come.  It’s a joy to see what the kids are doing and to highlight their work in a show.

Jennifer Vaughan, left, teacher for the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Visual Arts Department, and my daughter Ginny, right, setting up the students’ art for the exhibit next week.

Jason Shea and Bonnie Stump, members of the P. Buckley Moss Museum’s staff, were also busy hanging the students’ art.

Country Memories will be released as a giclée on paper during my April 29-May 1 Museum Open House and Barn Show in Waynesboro, VA.  For more information, please contact the P. Buckley Moss Museum at 1-800-343-8643 or 540-949-6473.

The Valley is especially beautiful in the spring, and luckily the tornadoes skipped our property this year.

Happy Easter!



The Museum’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The Museum’s annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held this Saturday, April 23, at 1:00 p.m.  In addition to the actual hunt for Easter eggs, a puppet troop from the Augusta County Library called Puppet Pandemonium will perform two plays with songs and stories in between.  A local Girl Scout troop will help with hiding the eggs and “crowd control.”  This event is free to the public, but space is limited.  Please make your reservations by calling 1-800-343-8643 or 540-949-6473.


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