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Hello Friends,

Malcolm and I passed Easter in Waynesboro with Ginny and Mary's families. All of us adults failed to keep to our diet programs. With Corrado cooking the leg of lamb for Easter Sunday, the aromas made our downfalls inevitable. We offered up the excuses that we had spent the morning pulling weeds from the garden in preparation for next weekend's Barn Show visitors. After lunch we gravitated to the family room where the children were watching a Disney video, Tuck Everlasting.

Coloring Easter eggs.
We all painted an egg, some more than one. We never did decide whose was the best.

The grounds of the musuem and the cottage are looking at their best with the dogwoods and lilacs in bloom and the lillies ready to come into their full glory. Planting is such fun and I love to try and have something flowering all the time. Come and share spring in the valley with me.

Easter Dinner.
The spirit of Gran Liz was with us as we feasted. Easter lunch without her still pulls at the heartstrings.

Please take a moment to read the note on the Judith Cary Scholarship posted below this letter. There is a scholarship chance for a student working for special needs teaching certification.

Late news: I have just received a letter from Neil Bush, the youngest brother of the President, agreeing to give the keynote speach at the Foundation's annual conference in October. I met Neil last November at the International Dyslexia Association awards dinner where I was impressed with his efforts to bring technology into the classrooms to help in the teaching of the learning different. I know he will give us a great start to the conference.


Judith Cary Scholarship:
The P. Buckley Moss Society has extended the deadline for its Judith Cary Scholarship to May 15th. The Society did not receive any applications for this scholarship that is awarded to a student who is working either full time or part time toward special needs certification or an undergraduate or graduate degree in some field of Special Education. The deadline date for the scholarship was March 31. The Society's board of directors agreed to extend the deadline in hopes of finding a worthy applicant. If you are interested, please visit our web page with detailed information, or contact the Society office immediately (540-943-5678).

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