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Dear Friends:

Last weekend was special for me because I got to meet with many collectors at the Museum and Barn Open House. These meetings are important because I need the contact with those who enjoy my paintings and share my philosophies. If I did not get to meet with you, I would be painting in a vacuum and my work would suffer. I need your encouragement. Thank you for giving it to me.

I am enjoying spring in Mathews on the Chesapeake Bay. Malcolm and I were working in the yard yesterday when a pair of Canada geese landed close by. They quickly made themselves at home, working their way across the grass, eating whatever it is they find to eat in new mown grass. We were able to walk within a few yards of them without their showing fright. Maybe they knew that I have painted their images many hundreds of times. They are back again today. I hope they nest nearby. It would be fun to see their goslings in the yard.

I hope you Iowans, and others for that matter, are gearing up for our National Convention in Cedar Rapids. It will provide me with another chance to say hello to you.

Love Pat


There are four Museum and Barn Open Houses each year. At these events, there is an open invitation to you all to visit the P. Buckley Moss Museum and meet with Pat at her house nearby. At her home (a converted apple crating barn) Pat signs purchases of her work.

The next Museum and Barn Open House will be July 19–21. For those of you who are thinking of staying overnight, there are some fine bed and breakfasts nearby, as well as hotels and motels. Please call the Museum for more information about accommodations, 1-800-343-8643.

Please note that you may bring up to two previously purchased pieces to a Museum and Barn Open House for Pat to personalize. We have had to set a limit so as leave Pat time to speak with everyone. Pat will, of course, sign all purchases made at the Museum during the Open House.

When you purchase from the Museum, your local gallery receives a commission. If you normally shop at another Moss gallery and you would like them to receive a commission, please tell the sales person at the Museum the name of the gallery you use.

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