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Dear Friends:

What a busy Barn Show weekend! It was great fun meeting so many people. In addition to the Barn Show, I gave two talks on Thursday and got to spend time with my son Chris and his family on his birthday, which was Saturday!

Marilyn Ingalls, who sought Pat's permission to adapt one of Pat's prints to a quilt design, came to the Barn Show to share her quilt of the print Our Quilting Hour. Marilyn's quilt won a blue ribbon for Best Pictorial Quilt at the Mid Atlantic Juried Quilt Show in Hampton, Virginia, this February.

On Thursday I was the guest speaker at the Waynesboro Rotary Club’s luncheon. I was most honored (and surprised) to be made an Honorary Rotarian. Later that evening I was the guest speaker for the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community’s Spring Shenandoah Valley Lyceum in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Both groups were a delight to be with.

On Thursday, Pat was surprised and delighted to become an Honorary Rotarian. Here she speaks to the Waynesboro (Virginia) Rotary Club.

Pat was also welcomed by the Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community’s Spring Shenandoah Valley Lyceum in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

My youngest son Chris and his family came down from New York so I could spend time with him on his birthday Saturday. What a treat! Almost the whole family was able to get together for dinner (daughter Patty lives in Colorado and daughter Becky lives in Italy), with my oldest son John, who is a chef, cooking dinner. My kids and I really wanted this time together, because I won’t be able to be with them for my own birthday next month. I’ll be in Springfield, Ohio, for a show with The Frame Haven (May 20-21: For information call 937-323-9088).

St. Raphael, Pat's print for her show at Frame Haven Gallery, Springfield, Ohio, May 20-21

Pat surrounded by four of her six children; from left, Chris, Ginny, Pat, Mary and John.

I was delighted to have so many of my grandchildren together at one time—I have ten in all! I don’t get to see Chris’s children as often as I do my Virginia grandchildren, so I was especially happy to have them with me.

A Couchful of Love: Pat and 8 of her 10 grandchildren.

This weekend I’ll be at Thames Fine Art and Framing in Frederick, Maryland, for their show. (Please call Molly or Jon at 301-663-0707 for the details.)

Apple Blossom Picnic, Pat's print for her show at Thames Fine Art in Frederick, Maryland, this weekend.

The following weekend, May 6-7, I’ll be in Leesburg, Virginia, for a show with Medlin Art, Ltd.

Pat painted a triptych of prints showing Leesburg landmarks for her show at
Medlin Art, Leesburg, Virginia, May 6-7.

Don’t forget our Collectors’ Convention May 13-14 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! It’s going to be fantastic, and I can’t wait to see you there!

’Til next week…


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