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Dear Friends:

What a beautiful Barn Show weekend we had! It rained just enough Saturday to make everything fresh and clean, but the sun was out the rest of the time. Everything was in bloom—the azaleas, the red bud, the cherry blossoms, the dogwood—and Mother Nature was in her glory! Bill and Iris McCarthy brought me their breathtaking roses, and Floyd Boothe brought me a wonderful bouquet of lily of the valley. I kept both bouquets by my side while I signed. I was surrounded by flowers, both at my table and through the window behind me. The Lord gave us a delightful weekend!

Surrounded by flowers outside and inside, Pat signs a print for Karen Morris at the Barn this past weekend.

I was very honored this weekend to receive a plaque from the Shriners in recognition of the Museum’s contributions over the years to their 100 Million Dollar Club. The Shriners is a very special organization, and the members do such wonderful work on behalf of children. I’m very grateful to be able to help them through donations of my art for their fundraising efforts.

Christopher Sheap, M.D., President of the Valley Shrine Club, presents Pat with a plaque in recognition of the contributions of Pat's art made to the 100 Million Dollar Club. Funds raised through Pat's art have been donated to the Shriner's Children's Hospital Program.

I’m very excited about a meeting I had Thursday afternoon with playwright Greg Johnson. Greg is writing a play about my life and art for The Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Tentatively titled Thursday’s Child, the project is in early development and still many months from reality, but it will focus on my youth and early years as an artist and my work with learning different children. Thursday’s Child will have its premiere in Lewisburg and then will be available for other theatres to perform. The staging will include large screen projections of some my best-known work, interspersed with episodes from my life. The Greenbrier Valley Theatre is West Virginia’s only year-round professional theatre company, and its artistic director, Cathey Sawyer, recently received an award from West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin for her excellence as a director and actress. I can hardly wait to see it!

My granddaughter Chiara received an award of her own this Sunday when her soccer coach gave her the game ball after a travel soccer game for “never giving up.” She plays offense and was very determined during the game, even scoring on a cross over! Her coach doesn’t give game balls lightly, only to those who really earn it. He tells recipients to sleep with the ball for good luck, and Chiara did just that. Congratulations, Chiara!

A weekend for awards: Chiara and the Game Ball she earned for "never giving up" in a recent soccer game.

Chiara also performed in her school play, which was a production of Annie. The director was fantastic, and the kids weren’t nervous at all. I could tell that they were really enjoying themselves and having fun, making the play a joy for performers and audience alike.

Pat will be appearing at Thames Fine Arts and Framing, in Frederick, Maryland, April 28-29, where the print Historic Court Square, Fredericktowne will be released. For more information, call Jon Thames, (301) 663-0707.

This coming weekend I’ll be showing at Thames Fine Arts and Framing in Frederick, Maryland. I’m looking forward to being with Jon, Molly, and their wonderful collectors again. We’ll be releasing a special print at the show titled Historic Court Square, Fredericktowne, which I think will be a hit.

See you soon!


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