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Dear Friends,

Do you ever write a letter to a friend and after mailing it realize you left out something important? That is what happened to me with last week's letter.

I left out mention of our worship on Easter Sunday morning and our thankfulness to God for bringing an end to the war. My family and I respect the traditional reverence of Easter Sunday and also believe in the power of prayer. We thanked God for answering our prayers for our soldiers and the people of Iraq. We asked for their continued protection.

Collectors mingle at the Barn while waiting to have Pat sign their prints.

In spite of the bad weather of Friday and Saturday, more than 1,200 people visited me at the Barn over the three days of the weekend. After three months of isolation in Panama, it was wonderful to have so many to talk to. I am very appreciative of the joy and friendship you bring to me.

Among the visitors to the Barn were students from Riverside School in Richmond, VA, with school founder Pat DeOrio. Beverly Mann, President of the Moss on the James Chapter of the Society, presented them a check for $1,500, the proceeds of a Chapter raffle held for the school.

Most of the weekend's visitors also stopped in at the museum. When I was there, Bonnie Stump demonstrated our computer program for the storage of images of my work. When I want to recall a particular painting I just have to remember some of its detail and Bonnie will pull up the image on the computer. I have asked Bonnie to explain the program in more detail to you because those of you who have originals of mine should know about it.

Bonnie and Corrado demonstrating the Museum's latest archival computer program.

Next weekend I will make my way to my daughter Mary's home, where I will take charge of her household while she is in hospital for a few days. With Katie and Sara now responsible teenagers, the task should not be too strenuous and, as all grandmothers will agree, it is good to feel needed and to still be of help.



The Museum purchased a new archiving software program called Past Perfect. This software is specifically designed to archive works of fine art and it will allow us to maintain a permanent history of Pat's complete body of work. It is also much like a library program where specific searches can be performed for subjects, titles, locations or the control numbers that we use to catalogue Pat's originals. Much effort has gone into the cataloguing of over 3,000 works that are now in the system, however we are still adding images, including those that are owned by private collectors. If you own an original and would like to re-register it so that it can be placed into Pat's historical record, please contact me at the P. Buckley Moss Museum, 150 P. Buckley Moss Drive, Waynesboro, VA 22980, (800)343-8643 or If you are interested in purchasing an original, we now have a more efficient way to help you find just the right one.


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