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Dear Friends:

It was great to be back in Springfield, Ohio, among so many old and dear friends. I also met lots of new friends at The Frame Haven’s show. Gallery owners Don and Audrey McKanna are super organized and everything flowed smoothly. Even missing my connecting flight in Philadelphia Friday and having to fly into a different airport didn’t faze them, and the show went on as planned.

Pat with Audrey (left) and Don McKanna, owners of The Frame Haven in Springfield, Ohio, where Pat showed this weekend.

Everywhere I go, I see how the P. Buckley Moss Society members and the galleries who represent my work help their communities. This time I was delighted to meet two wonderful young men, one who is graduating from college and another who will be starting college this year, and both the Society and The Frame Haven are playing a role in their education.

Pat enjoyed meeting Tom Burkam, who is graduating from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. Tom received the Society’s Anne and Matt Harbison Scholarship for 2003-07 and plans to be an early education teacher, grades K-3.

Don and Audrey McKanna and The Frame Haven are helping Harley Langdon, center, raise money to buy a computer for college. Harley, who is learning different, is graduating from Springfield South High School this year and is planning for a career in the art field. Pictured with Harley and Pat is Kathy Higgins, left, Harley’s art teacher.

Don and Audrey arranged for a very special dinner after Friday’s show, which benefited The Nehemiah Foundation, a local organization that provides resources to programs meeting the spiritual and physical needs of children and families. It was held at the home of Ted and Jenny Versteeg, who were such warm and gracious hosts. Their home is lovely and comfortable and really shows their love for home and family. I felt even more at home when I realized that Jenny is the daughter of Jane Heckler, who I was sorry to hear passed away this February. Jane and Pat Catron were instrumental in bringing me to Springfield, where I showed my work for the first time at the Springfield Art Center. I met Jane and Pat at a DAR convention where I was showing many years ago.

Pat was happy to be reunited with her old friend Pat Catron, second from right, and Jenny and Ted Versteeg, far left and far right. Jenny is the daughter of Jane Heckler, who together with Pat Catron was instrumental in bringing Pat and her work to Springfield.

Jim and Julia Valentine also came to the dinner, and we had a good laugh at my mother’s expense. Jim and Julia purchased two originals at the show, the original of the show print High School Memories and an unprinted crucifixion. The crucifixion reminded me of a Gran Liz story, and whenever I tell a story about her we have loads of laughs.

Pat shares a funny story about her mother, affectionately known to everyone as Gran Liz, with Jim and Julia Valentine, pictured here with one of the two originals they purchased during The Frame Haven’s show. Note the framed skating original on the wall behind them.

I want to give a special thanks to Scott Buchwalter and his wife Tami for coming on their anniversary and taking all these wonderful pictures of the weekend. Scott and Tami were also at the Society’s birthday party in Des Moines, Iowa, and took pictures there, too.

This time the photographers got their picture taken with Pat! Pictured with Pat are Tami and Scott Buchwalter. Scott took the pictures appearing in this newsletter.

This weekend I’ll be showing with my friend Shirley Medlin at Medlin Art, Ltd., in Leesburg, Virginia. We’ll be releasing a new print edition titled The White House Tulips that I’m really excited about.

The White House Tulips will be released during Pat's appearance at Medlin Art, Ltd. in Leesburg, VA May 11-12. For more information call the gallery at (703) 771-8696.

’Til next week…


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