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Dear Friends:

We had a lovely weekend in Leesburg, Virginia, a beautiful part of the country with historic homes and many glorious new homes, too. I had the pleasure of being in a couple of them.

"John and Margaret Jones invited us to see my paintings hanging in their new home. They have been collectors for years." From left: John, Shirley Medlin, owner of Medlin Art, Margaret, and Pat.

I was delighted to see so many old and new friends! I saw some friends that I haven’t seen in years! It has been ten years since I last showed with The Medlin Art Gallery in Leesburg. My daughter Ginny came with me to do the driving, and (of course) we managed to get in some shopping! What fun!

"A delightful couple that I met this weekend. Chris and Ed Brennaman
have a house in Italy, so we had a lot to talk about!" From left, Shriley, Chris, Pat, and Ed.

I did three small prints for this show. One was of Loudoun County Courthouse, the second was of The Norris House and the little stone house beside it that is now a tea room, and the third was of the former People’s National Bank of Leesburg that is now a wonderful restaurant called The Lightfoot Restaurant. No one should miss it if they are in that area. Having dinner there with Patrick and Shirley Medlin, the owners of Medlin Art Gallery, and friends was an incredible dining experience! The building dates back to 1888 and has been restored to its original beauty.

Pat with the owners and staff of The Medlin Art Gallery: "We love the people that we work with! It is an honor to have such nice people represent me and my work.”

Leesburg is horse country and, as all of you know, horses are one of my loves! I invited everyone to come to the Convention this coming weekend in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to see my new horse painting that is around 60 x 40 inches. My beauty! I invite all of you to come as well!

Pat's new horse painting can be seen at the P. Buckley Moss Convention in Harrisburg, PA, May 13th and 14th.

On Mother’s Day, my son-in-law Corrado surprised Ginny and me by taking us, along with my grandchildren Picco and Chiara, to Frederick House, a lovely bed and breakfast in Staunton’s historic district, for a delicious breakfast. After meeting the owners Karen Cooksey and Denny Eister, dining there, and seeing the lovely homes that it includes, we highly recommend it.

“Mother’s Day breakfast at Frederick House. They have my work displayed in the dining room.”

I love Staunton! It is a wonderful little city with unique architecture. It was the capitol of Virginia for a short time and the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson…lots of history! Staunton is only seventeen miles from my Museum and a great place to visit.

I ran into the Museum after lunch on Mother’s Day (Corrado made homemade ravioli!). I talked to a few collectors, then turned around to find a dear friend, Margaret Lane!!! She was visiting from Indianapolis, Indiana. Margaret and I have been on several P. Buckley Moss Society trips together and are dear friends who pick up right where we’ve left off whenever we meet. What a treat it was to see her!

Tomorrow I’m planting delphiniums and snap dragons in my garden—all the pretty colors of spring and summer!
I hope to see you all at the Collector’s Convention this weekend, or maybe at The Frame Haven’s show in Springfield, Ohio, May 20-21.

St. Raphael's, Pat's print for her show at The Frame Haven, Springfield, OH, May 20-21.

Until next week,


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