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Dear Friends:

My daughter Patty and I had a wonderful weekend in Hardy, Virginia, at The Cottage Gate’s show. Smith Mountain Lake is so beautiful this time of year! Gallery owners Twila and Allen Tolley and their delightful staff did an excellent job and made me feel right at home. Thanks!

Beautiful Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, where Pat showed this weekend at Cottage Gate Gallery.

The P. Buckley Moss Society was very well represented at the show. I saw lots and lots of members and thoroughly enjoyed talking about upcoming events like the Collector’s Convention, which will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia, this September 22-23, and the fundraising dinner for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, which will be held in Roanoke the evening of November 11. I want to give a special thanks to the members of Society Chapters Pat’s Cats and Moss at the Lake, who volunteered to help with the running of the show. You did a fantastic job!

Two of “Hardy’s finest” were on hand to help with control of the signing line. Pictured with Pat is Deputy Brandt Gawor. Not pictured is Deputy Travis Bailey.

This Thursday through Saturday I’ll be in Ottumwa, Iowa, for a show with M & J Art & Frame Gallery. Gallery owner Bill Abigt has a fun-filled show planned, and Ottumwa’s annual Race for the Cure will be held on the Saturday. I’m looking forward to being there and seeing all my old friends again as well as to making some new ones! This is where the Charles Kuralt show came and followed me many years ago, so I have many good memories of that day and others in Ottumwa.

I’ve created three very special prints which will be released during the show. Mars Hill Remembered celebrates the history of and the special love the community has for nearby Mars Hill Church, which was recently burned by vandals. Gothic Homestead features the house that was made famous by artist Grant Wood. Prizewinner symbolizes the high hopes of every child involved in 4-H.

Mars Hill Remembered

Gothic Homestead


Mars Hill Remembered, Gothic Homestead and Prizewinner will be released at M&J Gallery in Ottumwa, Iowa when Pat visits the gallery May 12th and 13th. For details, call the gallery at (641) 682-0434.

Please remember your mothers this Mother’s Day Sunday, even if it’s only with a phone call! I love to be remembered!


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