Dear Friends:

I’m very excited about this weekend’s show at my gallery in Blacksburg, Virginia.  It is also graduation weekend at Virginia Tech and other area colleges and universities.  The gallery has a full selection of university prints and other graduation prints and gifts, and I hope you will stop by and see us.

My newest print of Virginia Tech is
A Cadet Tradition, Barracks #1-Lane Hall, which features its namesake.  Lane Hall was completed in 1888 and was originally known as Barracks No. 1.  It housed the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets until 1967 when it was converted to academic office use.  Today, it contains offices for disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.  It is the centerpiece building of the Upper Quad.

Link Bridge (left), featuring its namesake in Giles County, and Morning Sail (right), featuring Claytor Lake, are also being featured at my gallery at 223 Gilbert Street in Blacksburg, VA, during our May 16-17 show.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 540-552-6446.

Last Saturday, the Renaissance Music Academy held its Performathon, which is its end-of-the-year recital, at my Blacksburg gallery.  We have been honored to have members of the RMA perform at the gallery several times, and I always enjoy them immensely.

Ben (father) and Charlie (son) Wyatt, pictured above, and Lishu Wang, pictured below, were three of the gifted musicians participating in the Renaissance Music Academy’s Performathon at my Blacksburg gallery this past Saturday.

My time in Florida for my grandson Picco’s graduation from the Ringling College of Art and Design flew by, but we all so much enjoyed being there for this special occasion.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art Design.  For his project, he created a video game about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in a futuristic setting.  Instead of working in a group on the project, Picco did the whole thing by himself!  We’re all very proud of him.

L. to R.:  My son-in-law Corrado Gabellieri, me, my grandson Picco, and my daughter Ginny.  Congratulations, Picco!

Picco’s Aunt Mary, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Chris organized a graduation party for him at my house on Claytor Lake when we returned to Virginia Friday.  They had the whole house decorated, and his girlfriend and friends from high school were waiting to surprise him when we arrived.

Picco’s friends from high school were waiting to surprise him when we returned from his graduation in Florida.

No party would be complete without food, and Becky and Mary provided some of Picco’s favorites:  sushi, guacamole, pasta, and key lime pie.

Congratulations to all the 2015 graduates!


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