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Dear Friends:
This newsletter is full of pictures, and I’m going to let them help tell the story of Patty’s and my wonderful weekend.  We drove to Princeton, West Virginia, Friday for a show with Frameworks Plus, LLC.  The event kicked off with a reception at Concord University, where we unveiled Concord-The Campus Beautiful.  Our reception followed Bill Clinton, who had been there the night before, campaigning for Hillary.  I don’t think he could have had a better reception than ours.

Concord-The Campus Beautiful features Marsh Hall, which was built in 1912 and the first building on the campus.  Originally known as “Old Main,” Marsh Hall was renamed after President Dr. J. Frank Marsh (1929-1945).  Marsh Hall now serves as Concord’s Administration Building.

L. to R.:  Dr. Jerry Beasley, outgoing President of Concord University; Jean Beasley; and me.

L. to R.:  Mary Aloia; me; and Dr. Gregory Aloia, incoming President of Concord University.

Although it rained Friday night, the sun came out for Saturday’s show at the gallery.  Gallery owner Juanita Swatts had such wonderful support.  She formed a committee to help her plan the show and rounded up collectors and friends, in addition to staff, to help with every aspect of the show.  All her planning and organizing were well worth it, because she had a huge turnout!

Look at the winding line of collectors waiting to have their prints signed!

…and waiting!

A group of “Angel Friends” arrived together.  Three are sisters, all are friends, and they all work helping others, either in schools or the health care industry.  Three of them are pictured with their framed Angel Friends prints, which I signed for them.  Back row, L. to R.:  Kimberly Miller, Nancy Davidson, me, Linda Davidson, and Lisa Caldwell.  Gail Davidson is pictured in the front.

This young lady was a joy to meet.  Alli Forlines, daughter of Jeff & Lynn Forlines, brought me her print of Marshall University to sign.  Alli is an excellent student and an all around good kid!

Here I am with the show’s planning committee, and Juanita said she couldn’t have done it without their help.  L. to R.:  Sue Shields, Juanita, me, Marlene Belcher, and Linda Cox.  Not pictured is Patsy Douglas, who was busy getting ready for dinner.  More on that later.

Frameworks Plus’ volunteers; back row, L. to R.:  H.L. White, Freda Booher, Linda Cox, Angie McCall, Beverly Toney, Wanda Davidson, and John Davidson; front row, L. to R.:  Sandy Bolton, Sue Shields, Jean Ewing, me, Kathy Hawks, Juanita, Sandi Baxter, and Marlene Belcher.  Volunteers not pictured:  Patsy Douglas, Connie Shortridge, Jamie Kidd, Juanita’s husband Mike Swatts, and Brian Baxter.

After the show, we were treated to an out-of-this-world dinner at the home of Larry and Patsy Douglas.  All the committee members and volunteers were there.  I want to give an extra special thank-you to Larry, who canceled his weekend plans to stay home and cook dinner for everyone.  Larry has experience in the catering business and is an excellent chef.  He’s also into motorcycles and had been planning a rally in Myrtle Beach with friends, but opted to cook for us instead.  Boy, am I grateful that he stayed home to cook!

Larry and Patsy’s home is beautiful, comfortable, and perfect for entertaining.  The man I’m talking to in the picture is Larry.

L. to R.:  Patsy Douglas, me, and Larry Douglas.  What wonderful hosts!  (Look above the fireplace—a very early print of mine of Living History Farm near Des Moines, Iowa.)

After dinner, Larry took us to his garage and showed us his six big, shiny motorcycles.  He offered to take me for a ride, but I said, “No thanks!  Maybe if I were twenty years younger…!”

I was sorely tempted to take Larry up on his offer of a ride!

During the dinner, I drew the winning raffle ticket for a framed Almost Heaven.  Both the print and the framing were donated by Frameworks Plus, LLC.  The raffle raised a little over $900.00, which will be divided between the Wade Center and Child Protect.
The next morning, Patty and I set off for Covington, Virginia, and my special Mother’s Day signing at Loving Art Gallery.  We stopped in Clifton Forge along the way for a Mother’s Day service at Clifton Forge Presbyterian Church, where my first husband’s nephew is the pastor.  I still think of Paul as my nephew, too, and I think of how proud of him his mother would be.  It was a lovely service, with beautiful singing.  The people in the congregation were kind and friendly.  I was so happy we had time to attend the service.

L. to R:  Rev. Paul Brokaw, me, and Paul’s wife Cindy.

Loving Art Gallery has the happiest group of collectors!  Gallery owner Pat Loving, his wife Linda, and gallery manager Pamela Bagwell have a lovely way with people.

It was fun to see so many happy, smiling people on a Sunday afternoon.

The show was well-supported by the Moss in the Highlands Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.  The members of the chapter are so gracious and generous.

I had the best time talking to fellow Italians Franco, Leila, and Angie D’Arpa.  Leila owns a restaurant and gift shop called Main Street Shop, and she prepared a divine meal for Patty and me.  It was heavenly and sinful at the same time!

The D’Arpa family, L. To R.:  Angie, Leila, me, and Franco.  Leila prepared the most wonderful meal for Patty and me, along with a bottle of homemade limoncello.

This week I’m off to Harrisonburg, Virginia, for WVPT-public television’s live airing of their documentary about me, P. Buckley Moss:  The Lady Behind the Brush.  The event will last from 7:30-11:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 15.  The documentary will be shown from 8:00-9:30 p.m., with comments from myself and others during the breaks.  I’ll also introduce some of my family members during one of the breaks.  To accommodate those who want to see the documentary but don’t receive that particular station, the entire event will be streamed live on the Internet at
On Friday I’ll be flying to Italy for almost four weeks, and my oldest granddaughter Kate Donnelly is going to go with me.  I’m looking forward to a few weeks with Kate and my daughter Becky’s family.  Becky, as many of you know, lives in Cortona with her husband Roberto and daughters Sofia and Michela.  Kate is an art student and is looking forward to working with me in my etching studio in Italy, and I’m excited about having her help.

Francesca, standing to my right (your left), rents my property in Panama.  She came for a brief visit last week before I left for West Virginia.  I showed her around the area, including Williamsburg, and we had a very nice visit.  In the picture, we are standing in the parking lot of The Moss Portfolio in Mathews, Virginia.

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