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Dear Friends:

What a weekend! While I was showing with M & J Art and Frame Gallery in Ottumwa, Iowa, my granddaughters Kate and Sarah Donnelly were keeping themselves and their mother Mary busy with their prom and after-prom party. It was Mother’s Day weekend, too! After staying up all night with the girls, Mary slept on Mother’s Day.

Kate (left) and Sarah in their prom dresses. Not pictured are their respective escorts, Will Price and Josh Rigney.

Pat’s Mother’s Day gift, a priceless picture from her grandchildren’s day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Mary recently attended her 25th class reunion of the MCV/VCU (Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University) School of Nursing. At one of the reunion luncheons where fundraising was discussed, it was announced that my donation of The Nurses Parade prints resulted in $100,400.00 for the school and is one of the School of Nursing’s top five all time donations. Nursing is a wonderful, honorable profession and one for which there is high demand in the job market. I’m very happy that I was able to help the school through my art.

Gallery owners Bill and Chris Abigt and their excellent staff really pulled out all the stops to make the weekend successful and fun for everyone. Their warmth and friendliness made the show and the weekend’s fundraising events a joy, and their framing was outstanding, too. A special thanks to all the wonderful Moss Heaven P. Buckley Moss Society Chapter members who volunteered to help out with the show and the fundraising events! You were all fantastic!

Pat and friends at M&J Gallery, back row (left to right): Jessie Greiner, LeeAnn Kjer, Pag and Tom Lazio (with American Home Finding), Pat, Dizzy the Clown (AKA Desi Payne), and gallery owners Bill and Chris Abigt. Front row (left to right): Karissa Abigt, Anne Arduser, Jeni Harter, Jessie Wickencamp, Anna Strube.

Ottumwa’s Race for the Cure was held this past weekend, and I was honored to be their Grand Marshall and participate in their 1-mile walk with great people who are really doing their best for research. Later in the day there was a parade of survivors, and we all compared how many years we’ve survived. For those of you who don’t already know, I’m a twenty-year-plus breast cancer survivor. I also attended a fundraising dinner for Race for the Cure at Ottumwa Regional Health Center during the weekend.

Pat with members of the Moss Heaven Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society getting ready to take part in the Race for the Cure's 1-Mile Walk.

Other charities which also benefited from the show were Dizzy the Clown, American Home Finding, Keoku County Hospice, and Moss Heaven’s Children’s Fund. By the way, Moss Heaven Chapter had great success selling their cookbook at the show. I must have signed hundreds of them! I’m very pleased for them and their charity, but I must confess that my hands and arms ached and ached afterward from handling so many of them. I’m afraid that I will have to decline signing cookbooks at future shows. I’m so sorry to have to disappoint people who would like me to sign the cookbooks, but I hope everyone can understand that I need to save my hands and wrists for painting.

Clowning Around, Pat's print that features Dizzy the Clown.

The finale of the weekend was a special treat for me, a dinner with Moss Heaven Chapter held at the home and garden of member Tony Yencsik and his friend Jim Gerrens. Their home was so beautiful and comfortable, and the garden was breathtaking! The dinner was also an early, surprise birthday party for me, and I truly appreciate everyone’s thoughtfulness. A big thank you to everyone!

Pat with the Moss Heaven Chapter at the home of Tony Yenkcsik and Jim Gerrens.

This weekend I’m “on the road again!”—This time, to Northern Virginia. Thursday afternoon and evening I’ll be with my long-time, good friends Margaret Moser and her son Michael in Fairfax at The Moser Gallery. Friday and Saturday I’ll be with another old and dear friend Shirley Medlin in Leesburg at Medlin Art, Ltd. Sunday I’ll be with yet more special friends Tim and Marlene McManus at The Frame Up in Occoquan.

I’ve created two special prints for release this weekend, Cherry Blossom Spring and King Street, Leesburg, Virginia. Cherry Blossom Spring features the Jefferson Memorial and some of the blossoms from the 3,000 cherry trees that were a gift from the city of Tokyo, Japan, to the people of Washington, DC, in 1912. King Street, Leesburg, Virginia, pays homage to the historic city’s joy of life and commerce.

Cherry Blossom Spring

King Street, Leesburg, Virginia, to be released at Medlin Fine Art, May 19-20.

’Til next week…


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