Dear Friends:

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is the sweetest little town.  The people of Gettysburg are so proud of their town, and I can certainly see why.

My daughter Patty and I were there this past weekend for my show with King James Galleries of Gettysburg, and we were lucky enough to have the high school prom at our hotel.  What a good bunch of kids—low murmurs instead of screeching and yelling.  Lots of old friends came to the show and new ones, too.  I would have liked to have had more time in the town.  There are so many interesting little shops to see!

I will be doing a series of four prints of Gettysburg, and the first one was released during last weekend’s show.  Making Memories at Sachs Bridge features the historic covered bridge that is so familiar to most of the local people.  The next one will be a winter scene featuring Lincoln Square with the David Wills House in the background.  The Wills House is where Abraham Lincoln stayed the night before he gave the “Gettysburg Address”.  There are so many things to choose from to paint in that town!  It’s something how in northern cities things seem to last a lot longer.

I was home in Mathews, Virginia, for Mother’s Day and heard from all the kids and loved it.  Life is good!  This weekend I’ll be in Radford, Virginia, with family and friends for my granddaughter Sarah’s graduation from Virginia Tech.  My daughter Mary invites everyone, and it’s such fun to be around her and all her friends.

Our Collectors’ Convention in Roanoke will be the following weekend (May 24-25), so I’ll just stay in Radford and go to the Convention from there.  I’ll be speaking at the Sunnyside Retirement Village in Martinsville on Thursday, May 23, and I’ll be at The Hotel Roanoke for the Convention Friday and Saturday.  I hope all of you who are in town and around the area will come and celebrate with us.  Our Dinner Dance will be held Saturday evening, and tickets are still available.  Here’s to a beautiful, fun-filled weekend this weekend next.

I’ve just heard some very exciting news!  I am to receive the Key to the City of Roanoke and a Proclamation at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, shortly after the convention starts.  What an honor this is for me!  Roanoke is very near and dear to my heart, and I have so many friends there.  I’ve been visiting Roanoke and showing there for four decades.  I’ve also been told that Blue Ridge Public Television is coming to the convention on Saturday to do some filming—come out and join us on Saturday, and maybe you’ll end up on TV!

Thank you for all the Mother’s Day wishes from friends and from my kids’ friends!

Until next week,


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