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Dear Friends,

This week’s newsletter tells the tale of two sisters who are so alike—NOT! This past week I was in Radford to see my oldest granddaughter Kate off to her first prom. She was so lovely and looked so grown up. I could hardly believe this young woman was my little Katie.

Kate and boyfriend Dylan DeHart posed for us before leaving for the prom.

That same day, Kate’s younger sister Sarah participated in a basketball tournament with her age-13-and-under basketball team the New River Valley Hoopsters. They played in the Patrick Henry Girls’ Basketball Tournament in Roanoke in the age 14 and 15 division and came in second place. Their team also placed 4th in the State AAU U13 tournament last month in Northern Virginia.

Sarah and Kate on their big, happy day. In the background is a painting I did of their mother Mary, my oldest, when she was a little girl.

Even though Kate and Sarah are very different, they both respect and admire one another. I am very proud of them.

Pat with her financial advisor, Abie WIlliams from Legg Mason.

While I was in Radford I met with my financial advisor Abie Williams of Legg Mason. Abie has taken very good care of my investments, seeing me through the aftermath of September 11, ensuring my grandchildren will have funds for college.

Pat with Chiara and Picco before their soccer games.

Saturday I spent the day in Waynesboro with my youngest daughter Ginny watching Picco and Chiara’s soccer matches. The matches were very exciting, and the parents were jumping up and down, cheering on their children. I feel that involvement in team sports is wonderful for our children. It teaches them so much in terms of working with others and learning to handle both success and disappointment with grace. Picco and Chiara’s matches were both lessons in accepting disappointment, but that is part of life and we can’t always win.

Chiara (#5) stands at the ready.

The parents and grandparents get just as excited about the games as the kids.

Pat and Ginny watch Picco (#11) who is a guard on his team.

This week I will turn 71! I am leaving for a week in St. Petersburg tomorrow, so I won’t be with my family on May 20. My Virginia children, Mary and Ginny, and their families took me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday Friday night. We all had such a good time that we forgot to take any pictures!

I want to thank everyone for the lovely birthday cards I have received. I greatly appreciate the thought and time that was given in selecting them and sending them to me.

I may be turning 71, but age doesn't have to slow you down. 83 year-old Anne Kreher (Linden's grandmother) is a perfect example of this as she takes a Mother's Day ride with her grandson, Scott Montgomery.

As I watch my grandchildren grow up, I see the role heredity and genetics play in their looks and personalities. Kate made the dress that she wore to dinner, and I was reminded of my mother. Gran Liz, as many of you knew her, was a designer of children’s clothes. Other grandchildren possess artistic talent and athletic ability. In them I see myself. My family is a great comfort that provides a sense of continuity and belonging.

Pat's newest flower original will soon be released as a limited edition print.

In a couple weeks I will be flying to Italy with Kate to visit my daughter Becky, her husband Roberto, and their children Sofie and Michela. I can hardly wait!

I am working on the special paintings for the Iowa Collectors’ Convention, which I plan to show you next week. The convention will be held July 23-25 at The Hotel at Gateway Center in Ames. We had so much fun at our ’50’s theme dinner dance in Kingsport that we are planning another one for Ames! Come join us!



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