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Dear Friends:
Greetings from Cortona!  My granddaughter Kate Donnelly and I arrived just in time for my granddaughter Michela Ghezzi’s first communion, and all of us have been having fun absorbing the Tuscan atmosphere and culture.

Michela was all smiles at her communion lunch.  Her proud father Roberto beams beside her.

It was a riot to watch this theater troop (dressed in white) act out a parody of the many weddings that take place on these steps in Cortona.

Two local men tried hard to ignore this actress when she joined them on “their” bench.

I’ve been celebrating my 75th birthday in style, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the many thoughtful cards and e-mail messages I’ve received.  Thank you so very much for remembering my special day!
The fun started last week with WVPT-TV’s live airing of their documentary about my life P. Buckley Moss:  The Lady Behind the Brush.  WVPT also produced a DVD tour of the P. Buckley Moss Museum, and both the documentary and the Museum “tour” are available via WVPT’s website.  The airing of the documentary was part of WVPT’s 40th anniversary and my 75th birthday celebrations.  The whole evening surpassed my wildest dreams.  Everyone was so gracious, and every detail had been planned.  I don’t think there are words to express my appreciation.
WVPT arranged for a beautiful white limousine to pick up seven of my family members and me and chauffer us to the home of Tassie Pippert.  Tassie does the station’s live cooking show and is a gourmet cook.  She does the show from her own kitchen, which has been specially designed to accommodate the live show.

“Our chariot awaits!”  L. to R.:  My granddaughter Kate Donnelly, my daughter Patty Moss, me, my daughter Mary Donnelly, my grandson Picco Gabellieri, and my son-in-law Corrado Gabellieri.  Not shown are Mary Morgan and Jake Henderson, who were taking pictures.

I was greeted by old friends Peter and Maria Rippe when we arrived at Tassie’s.  Peter was the first director of my Museum.  I wanted to put my arms around both of them at the same time.  I was surrounded by family and friends at Tassie’s:  my daughters Patty Moss and Mary Donnelly; my grandchildren Kate Donnelly and Picco Gabellieri; my son-in-law Corrado Gabellieri; Patty’s friend Mary Morgan; my business partner Jake Henderson; Peter and Maria Rippe; Ed Clark, President of the Wildlife Center of Virginia;  Dave Mullins, WVPT General Manager; Marilyn Maitland, WVPT Director of Development; Shari Pennington, WVPT Producer; Brad Roof, former WVPT Board Chair and Art auction Emcee; and Brad Roof’s wife Adele.
I am still raving about the meal that Tassie, her son Tim, and her assistant Matt Simes prepared.  There were five courses, including dessert, each accompanied by a different Virginia wine.  Sorbets were served between the courses.  I am speechless when I think of the time and energy they must have put into planning and preparing the meal.

Seated to my left (your right) is Tassie Pippert, host of WVPT Cooks and our most gracious hostess for dinner.  Behind us are, left to right, Tassie’s son Tim Pippert and Matt Simes, who is a Hospitality and Tourism Management student from James Madison University.

After dinner, our limo drove us to WVPT’s station in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where my daughter Ginny Gabellieri and granddaughter Chiara joined us for the broadcast.  Ginny and Chiara initially planned on attending dinner at Tassie’s with us, but Chiara found out she had soccer tryouts that afternoon.  Chiara is very serious about soccer!  My son John and his wife Maureen also joined us at the station.

I was greeted by so many friends and literally given the “red carpet treatment!”

The broadcast started off by auctioning several framed Winter’s Peace prints.  Each year for 28 years I’ve donated a special print edition to WVPT for them to sell and raise money with.  The funds raised help support WVPT’s excellent family programming, which is much appreciated throughout the Valley.  Area school systems show some of the programs in their classrooms.  Winter’s Peace is this year’s special print and is available exclusively through WVPT.  It features the symbol I used for the P. Buckley Moss Society’s first Members Only Print, two geese in winter.  I am very appreciative of the way my dealers in the Valley framed the prints for the auction.
We got to watch the video of my life on big screen TVs as it was being aired.  During the breaks, I introduced my family and was presented with a big, fabulous birthday cake and a gift that practically took my breath away.  It was a print by Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), the Italian painter and sculptor.  I am a fan of his work, and the print is a priceless treasure to me.

Back row, L. to R.:  Picco, my son John, John’s wife Maureen, Jake, my daughter Ginny, and Corrado (laughing, off to the far right).  Middle row, L. to R.:  Kate, Mary Donnelly, Mary Morgan, and Patty.  Seated, L. to R.:  me and Chiara.  Seated to the very far left is WVPT General Manager David Mullins.  Note the Modigliani print on the easel!

The airing of the documentary was followed by the auction of more of the prints, and I was excited to learn that people were calling in from as far away as Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  Those people were watching the broadcast on their computers via WVPT’s live internet stream.  Thank you, thank you for watching!  Isn’t technology wonderful!

Guests were able to watch the live airing on big screen TV’s.  Bob Almond, Executive Director of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, is holding the remote control.

I also wish to thank members of my Museum staff who attended and celebrated my birthday.  They were still there having fun when I left.  Corrado drove Ginny’s car back to Waynesboro so that Ginny and Chiara could have a chance to ride in the limo.  They missed out on Tassie’s amazing dinner, so we asked the limo driver (who was a really good sport) to stop at McDonald’s so they could get something to eat.  Can you believe it!  Here’s the proof:

It was too big to go through the drive-thru, but what a fun memory!

The next day, Kate and I were off to Italy.  I slept on the plane!
This weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  Please take a moment to remember our armed forces as they protect us and defend our freedoms.
’Til next week…ciao!
I am very sorry to hear that Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  I am praying for him and his loved ones as they join so many others in battling this dreadful disease.
I have lost many friends to cancer; and, I am a breast cancer survivor myself and, therefore, a supporter of the American Cancer Society and support groups and organizations.  I was deeply honored when the Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center in Richmond, Virginia, asked if they could use my image of The Hummingbird for their logo.  I first met the Cullather family during my 2003 Collectors’ Convention in Richmond, Virginia.  I learned that the family had already lost a son to a brain tumor and that the mother, who loved hummingbirds, was also battling the disease.  I went to visit the family, who lived nearby, and I was so inspired by the way the whole family supported and loved one another.  I created the painting and print edition featuring a hummingbird in their honor.
In 2007 I created another print edition featuring a hummingbird and titled it Indomitable Spirit and donated a quantity to the Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of life Center for fundraising.  I learned that hummingbirds, which are very small, are surprisingly strong-willed, and I thought how appropriate the Cullathers chose the hummingbird as the symbol for their Center.  It not only honors their loved ones who have passed on but also symbolizes the fighting spirit of all cancer patients.

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