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Dear Friends,

Thank you for the many kind birthday messages.

I had a truly memorable day. I said to Malcolm I did not want anyone knowing that May 20th was my birthday and that instead of celebrating then, I would wait and have a joint party with my granddaughter Sophie in Italy in June.

In the middle of the morning Malcolm wanted to take a birthday photo in front of our house. When I went out, Cindy, our neighbor, was sitting in her pickup. Malcolm told me to get in the truck beside her.

"We are going to the high school where the children will sing happy birthday to you," he said. I was not too pleased about this. Cindy drove past the school as if by mistake and went to turn around in the airport parking lot but instead came to a halt. Waiting there were my three card playing friends and Marvin Mathews, the pilot of a small plane.

Image of Pat, pilot and friends.
Pat and card playing friends Lois, Joan and Arlene with pilot Marvin Matthews.

"Go with the pilot for your flight briefing," Malcolm ordered.

For an hour we flew the coast line and the inner lagoons. It was a perfect morning, the first after two weeks of rain. We looked down on surf breaking on the coral reefs, long sandy beaches, magnificent tall trees standing proud above the jungle canopy, and native villages on the banks of rivers brown with the mud of the rains.

Picture of farm from plane.
Finca Tranquillo, Malcolm's farm on the southern shore of Laguna Tierra Oscura.

When we landed back on our island, Malcolm took the four of us to lunch. In the afternoon we attended the anniversary celebration of the Isla Carenero Elementary School where Malcolm crowned the Queen and everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. In the evening I was painting in my studio when Malcolm came to the door and asked me to come down stairs. Sitting around our dining room table were six of my closest Panamanian friends, who had crept into the house bringing dinner with them.

Boy and girl from english program.
Two of the stars of the school celebrations.
Both are students of our English program.
To learn more about the P. Buckley Moss Society's
English program on Isla Carenero, click here.

So much for telling Malcolm I did not want anyone to know. However I will not forget this birthday.

One week more and we will head back for a board meeting of the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education and then the following week (June 7-9) we go to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the Collectors' Convention.





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