Dear Friends:

I watched the National Memorial Day Concert on public television over the weekend, and it was such a wonderful tribute to our soldiers.  I can’t begin to thank them for all they do for us.

Memorial Day inspired me to paint this little sailor boy.

My brother Dan, his wife Carol, and my brother-in-law Bill Martin came and spent the weekend with me.  We had a private tour of the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech and my new gallery, which is nearby.  It was such fun to share the new Arts Center and gallery with them and to have them here for the weekend.  Of course, being on the lake, fishing was in order!  There’s nothing like family and reminiscing over old times and making new memories.

When we toured the Moss Arts Center, I was so excited to see the exhibit from local high schools.  The exhibits change every two weeks, and I try to go and see what’s new.  It’s a wonderful place to take young people to see the work of their contemporaries.

Relaxing on my deck, L. to R.:  my brother-in-law Bill Martin, my nephew Peter, and Peter’s friend Jodi.

Jo Cowherd, who manages the gift shop at the P. Buckley Moss Museum, came over and helped rearrange the new gallery in Blacksburg.  She and my son Chris really went to town rearranging the display, and it looks beautiful.  Thank you to two talented people who work well together.  The gallery looks as gorgeous as the Museum always does.  Jo’s sister Amy also came and was a tremendous help.  Jo and Amy stayed with me, and I enjoyed their company.

I’ve just finished the painting for the special print for our July 11-13 Museum Show and Barn Open House.  The scene depicts CrossKeys Vineyards in Mt. Crawford, Virginia.  I went out to CrossKeys with my family after the May Museum Show and Barn Open House, and it was the most beautiful sight!  It’s a wonderful place to go for an evening or any kind of celebration, and the vineyards are as gorgeous as the facility.


My daughter Mary and granddaughter Sarah are in New York this week for Sarah’s boyfriend’s graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point.  We are all so proud of A.J.!  L. to R.:  my granddaughter Sarah, A.J., and his mother Maggie.


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