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Dear Friends,

I have just got back to Mathews, Virginia, from my three weeks of painting in Panama. It is always good to be home. This weekend I was in Waynesboro for a meeting of the Foundation board. By the way, you teachers, remember to check to learn the latest news on the Foundation's scholarships and its annual conference.

Pat with pig.
Pat down on the farm.

Isolating myself for intensive painting sessions in the seclusion of Panama is ideal for me. Each week I take a half day break, like last week when Malcolm surprised me with the flight around the lagoons. This week I spent Monday morning on Malcolm's farm, Finca Tranquilla. It was looking its best, fresh from recent rains and rich in growth. The corn is nearly ready for picking and reminded me of the corn fileds of Iowa and next week's convention in Cedar Rapids.

Malcolm and farm assistant.
Malcolm and Samuel Morales, farm assistant, on Finca Tranquilla.
The corn is nearly ready for harvesting. The Granadilla fruit that Malcolm is holding
will grow to almost twice this size before being picked to make a delicious fruit juice.

I must get back to packing. I travel with a silver suitcase I bought in London twenty years ago. It has flown many thousands of miles and is covered in layers of packing tape accumulated over the years. The customs officers in Panama now recognize it and no longer ask to see inside.

Love Pat



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