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Dear Friends,

I’m still working in my studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we’ve already had a brush with a tropical storm.  Tropical Storm Arlene brought us some gusty wind and lots of rain the end of last week, but no serious damage.  After last year’s hurricane-after-hurricane, everyone was eyeing Arlene with concern, but please don’t worry about me when I’m down here.  My house was built to withstand hurricanes, and I always say that it’s like a fortress.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that a large retirement home is just down the street from me and I’m on the same power line.  Retirement homes and hospitals are a priority for the power company!

While I was riding out Arlene, the staff at my publishing office and distribution center in Mathews, Virginia, was entertaining the whole second grade from Lee-Jackson Elementary School in Mathews.  The second graders came in two groups and gathered in the warehouse where Warehouse Manager Michelle Berrier told them all about my life, including my struggle with a learning difference, and my art.  I was told that the children were a lively bunch, but well-behaved, and asked very good questions.

Second graders from Lee-Jackson Elementary School in Mathews visit The Moss Portfolio.

I just had a delightful visit from Donald and Lorraine Harclerode of Merritt Island, Florida.  Donald and Lorraine were with me in Cortona, Italy, last fall when they participated in the P. Buckley Moss Society’s group tour.  They brought wonderful pictures of the trip, and we had such fun reminiscing.  While we were looking at the pictures, my daughter Becky, who lives in Cortona, called me.  I had a very Italian morning!

Pat and Donald Harclerode at Pat's home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Pat and Lorraine Harclerode with Lorraine's favorite art at Pat's house.

Donald and Lorraine each picked their favorite piece of art in my home.  Lorraine said her favorite thing was a Madonna and baby statue, while Donald preferred a huge mixed media piece of big, red flowers.  They ended their visit with a trip to The Finn Gallery, which represents my work in St. Petersburg.

Donald and Lorraine Harclerode with Pat at The Finn Gallery.

One of the paintings I’ve been working on is a piece for the show I’ll be having with The Art Loft Gallery in Collinsville, Illinois, September 9-10.  City Skaters features the St. Louis Arch and the Old Courthouse.

City Skaters will be released in September.

That’s all for now…’til next week!


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