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Dear Friends:

I arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida, Sunday night just in time to welcome the first named storm of the 2006 hurricane season, Tropical Storm Alberto. After Hurricane Katrina and her little sister Rita last year, any mention of one of these storms is enough to strike fear in the heart of anyone, and it should. People should never take a tropical storm lightly. However, Alberto was very mild in comparison to last year’s storms and brought much needed rain to Florida, which has been suffering from drought and wildfires. So, in a way, Alberto was a blessing. If you live in an area that may be in the path of a tropical storm or hurricane, you may find the American Red Cross’s website helpful. It has a page dedicated to preparing for hurricanes.

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of the last of my children to get married. My second child John and his bride Maureen were married in Waynesboro, Virginia, outside under the big oak trees at The Barn in a very special ceremony. What a beautiful day and a beautiful occasion! It was so much fun to be with all the family and to see people that I haven’t seen in fifteen or twenty years…since the last wedding!

Pat's son John and Maureen take their marriage vows in a celebration at Pat's Barn in Waynesboro, Virginia.

The rehearsal dinner was held in my daughter Ginny’s new house. Her husband Corrado cooked all the meat on the grill, and my daughters Ginny, Mary, Becky, and Patty and my daughter-in-law Lisa prepared everything else. It was wonderful being with all the family and enjoying one another and the treats the girls and Corrado created.

Pat and her girls: From the left, Lisa (wife of son Chris), and daughters Mary, [Pat], Becky, Ginny and Patty.

Congratulations to John and Maureen! May you have many, many happy years together!

I’m taking a few weeks off from showing so I can spend some valuable painting time in my St. Petersburg studio. There’s nothing like the light here! I plan on returning to Virginia just in time for the July Barn Show, where I’ll be releasing two prints of Sherando Lake.

Sherando Lake Memories (top) and Summer at Sherando, are to be released during Pat's appearance in Waynesboro, Virginia, July 7-9. For more information call (800) 343-8643.

I’ll be flying out of Tampa for one show while I’m here. I’m very much looking forward to showing with Ginger’s Hang-Up in Omaha, Nebraska, June 23-24. I’ve created two very special prints that I think will be a hit, Nebraska Prairie, honoring author Willa Cather, and College Baseball Dreams, commemorating Omaha’s annual College World Series, which will be taking place while I am there.

College Baseball Dreams (top) and Nebraska Prairie will be released during Pat's appearance at Ginger's Hang-Up in Omaha, Nebraska, June 23-24. For more information, call (402) 391-6440.

’Til next week…


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