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Hello Friends,

I returned to Mathews from Italy and found the large print from the Tennessee Convention Cabin in the Hills waiting for my signature. If you ordered one of these prints, it will be with you very soon. Personalizing these prints brought happy memories of the fun that was had in Kingsport and made me look forward with eager anticipation to the Ames Convention next month. I hope to see many of you there.

Pat visited Michelangelo's David in Florence.

I have some pictures of the last few days of my trip to Italy to share with you. Before leaving for Rome and my departure for Virginia, we visited the Museum of the Opera of the Duomo of Florence. There we saw many breathtaking works of art, but I have to admit that my favorite was Michelangelo’s David. There are very few things in life that can truly be called perfect, that one can find no fault with. I think David is perfect in every way. I love everything about him, especially his neck and the way his head sits upon it.

The Trevi Fountain in Rome.

While in Rome we visited the Trevi Fountain, which will be part of a nighttime tour of Rome during the Society Tour this October. It is considered by many to be the most famous fountain in Rome, and it is a true masterpiece of both sculpture and architecture.

The Roman Forum leads to the Colosseum.

Becky and Kate in front of the Roman Colosseum.

We also saw the Roman Forum, the most famous of several forums in Rome. Forum is a Latin word meaning open space or marketplace. Generally this word referred to the open space in any Roman town where business, judicial, civic, or religious activities were conducted. A typical forum might be surrounded by temples, shops, and basilicas. For centuries the Roman Forum was the site of the city’s most important public buildings and became the spectacular showcase of the Empire, filled with beautiful statues and architecture.

Pietá in St. Peter's Cathedral.

Not far from the Roman Forum is the Colosseum, one of ancient Rome’s most famous and renowned treasures. Even though it is the largest and grandest of Rome’s amphitheaters, it is not named for its size but for the Colossus, a large bronze statue of Nero standing near it. It provided good visibility for the more than 50,000 spectators who viewed animal games, spectacles, and gladiatorial combats there. The Colosseum’s construction began in the 1st century and it remained in use until the early 6th century.

Becky, Pat and Kate at St. Peter's Cathedral.

A special treat was our visit to St. Peter’s Cathedral, which is the Vatican church. There we saw the Pietà, which is a depiction of when Christ was taken down from the cross.

McCormick's Mill, Raphine, VA

Wade's Mill, Raphine, VA

While I enjoyed my visit to Italy and seeing my daughter Becky and her family, I am happy to be back home in Virginia. The July Barn Show is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. The two special prints I painted for the show turned out well, I think. I know I have featured them before, but I can’t resist showing them to you again. Creating them brought me so much joy.

With love,

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