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Hello Friends,

Sorry you did not hear from me last week! Malcolm and I were in Italy and having problems trying to send photos on strange computers.

I have come back much fitter after two weeks of walking up and down the steep slopes of Tuscany. I have shed several pounds but, for those of you in the weight challenge, I have to admit I will not make the 10 pound loss target by June 30th.

Pat and Becky.
Working with Becky in Cortona, Italy

Every day, after an early morning walk around the outside of the city walls, I worked on etchings in my daughter Becky's studio. Becky is an experienced print maker. When she lived in Washington, she taught print making at GW University and the Corcoran School of Art. Working along side her is a joy. She knows me so well and understands what I am seeking to achieve as we develop the images together.

Pat's house in Italy.
Pat's new home in the hills of Italy (orange roof in center of photo)

This was my fourth stay in Cortona. I enjoy being there so much that I bought a house in partnership with Becky and her husband Roberto. Becky and family will be living in a large apartment on the top floor and Malcolm and I will have a smaller one on the lower floor. Becky and I will share a spacious studio in the basement.

The house is high on a hillside overlooking glorious countryside. I expect to make three visits a year, combining family time, etching time and time spent walking to keep this aging body active.

Pat with grandchildren.
Pat with Sophie and Michaela and their Italian Muscovy ducks.

Next week I fly to Panama for another session of uninterrupted painting before heading for Waynesboro and the Open House at the Barn on July 19–21. I am looking forward to that weekend and once again being with those of you who are able to be there.




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