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Dear Friends:

I’ve just arrived in Waynesboro after driving up from St. Petersburg, and I’m so looking forward to seeing all my friends at the Barn Show this weekend.

My “Streetwalker” friends in St. Petersburg gave me a wonderful sendoff Saturday morning with breakfast, followed by a walk on the beach. They are a great group of women whom I’ve been walking with for years.

Pat (back row, center) with her "Streetwalker" friends who came out to send her off.

My friends Mike and Jan Donahue helped me pack and load the van for the drive up to Virginia. Mike and Jan take care of my house in St. Petersburg for me while I’m away. I’m very lucky to have them looking out for things for me.

Jan and Mike Donohue help Pat with the packing and loading of boxes to go with Pat to Virginia.

After I arrived at the Museum Tuesday, I had a most pleasant surprise. Congressman Bob Goodlatte, who represents Virginia’s Sixth District in the U.S. House of Representatives, and members of his staff were in the area and dropped in for a visit at the Museum. I was delighted to be on hand and have a chance to spend some time with them and very honored when Congressman Goodlatte purchased one of my autobiographies to give to one of his colleagues in the House.

Bob Goodlatte, United States Member of Congress for the 6th Sistrict of Virginia, on his visit to the P. Buckley Moss Museum. Next to him is Jennifer S. Faulkner, Roanoke District Scheduler, then Sheila Jennings, Staunton District Scheduler, and next to Pat is Katrin S. Rexrode, Comminications Director and Legislative Assistant.

While I was preparing to return to Virginia, my daughters Mary and Ginny were visiting their sister Becky in Italy. They each took along some friends and became a touring force that conquered Rome and ate their way through a good portion of the country. The pictures they sent me looked like they were having so much fun that I have to share a couple with you.

Pat's daughters Mary (fourth from right) and Ginny toured Rome with their friends and visited their sister, Becky (third from right).

Next week I’ll have pictures from the Barn Show to share with you, too. Until then, take care.


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