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Hello Friends,

I am writing to you from my studio in Panama where I am having a great painting session. This is the wet season for our side of the mountians and the rains have been torrentual and almost continous. That has not troubled me because I am here to paint and not play.

Pat in Panama studio.

With no distractions, I hardly leave my studio. Malcolm does the shopping, visits our school programs and attends to his farm over on the mainland, returning in the evening. Most nights we eat out at one of the local restaurants, Chinese for Chop Suey, or Alberto's for pizza, being our favorites. With only the two of us it is no more expensive to go out to dinner than buy food and cook and have some of it go to waste.

Pat at Panama high school.

Last week, I took time out to visit the island's high school. Two years ago the P. Buckley Moss Society gave the school two computers and the cost of the Internet connection. The computers have been in use ever since. This is the only internet connection for a school in the whole of our province and the students are enormously grateful. In countries as poor as Panama, there is no money to provide computers and the children do not have the opportunities to study with the help of the Internet. The children asked me to pass on to you messages of appreciation.

We head back to Virginia on July 15 and will be getting ready for the Barn and Musuem Open House weekend in Waynesboro.

Best wishes.


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